Ask Friends to Help with VBM

Dear Fellow Longboat Democrat,

As you know, the mission of the Longboat Key Democratic Club is to support the election of Democrats at the local, state, and national levels.  We are writing to urge you to support us in this mission as we seek to increase the number of registered Democratic voters signed up to Vote by Mail in Florida this year.

We have a very specific request to make:  Many of us have Democratic friends and family members in blue states who believe desperately that the current occupant of the White House must not win a second term.  But many blue state voters feel that they can do little that is meaningful to make that happen.  Making phone calls to registered Florida Democrats to help them sign up for Vote by Mail is one way for them to make a difference – and to make sure that the critically important state of Florida votes for a Democratic President. 

Because of the pandemic, the Florida Democratic Party has made Vote by Mail a huge priority. Voting by Mail is now the safest way to vote and greatly increases voter participation. To assist with this initiative, we have created a letter for you to send to friends and family members in blue states asking them to consider making telephone calls to registered Democratic voters in Florida.  Please read the attached letter to understand what we are seeking. 

And while this effort is being spearheaded by the Sarasota County Democratic Party, it makes no difference whether you live in Sarasota or Manatee Counties for the purposes of this initiative:  Our goal is simply to increase the total number of Democratic voters in the state of Florida this fall – and it makes no difference where in Florida those voters are located!

Of course, we hope that if you are not already signed up for Vote by Mail yourself, you will do so now.  In Sarasota County, you can sign up for Vote by Mail by going online to or by calling the Supervisor of Elections at 941-861-8618  In Manatee County, go to or call 941-741-3823.  And please consider making calls to enroll other Vote by Mail voters yourself. 

Thank you for doing all you can to ensure that we elect a Democratic president in November, and Democrats up and down the ballot in both our August elections and the November elections.


LBKDC Board members

Barbara J. Katz and Howard Veit

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