Please feel free to contact us at any time using the form below.  You can also reach us at:

Longboat Key Democratic Club
P.O. Box 8025
Longboat Key, FL 34228 

Phone: 941-744-6473
Email: [email protected]


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  • Linda and Bill Cotter Cotter
    I renewed our membership with Amex card but the response came from payPal in Arabic. What’s up?
  • Danielle Green
  • Danielle Green
  • Barbara Lincoln
    Good Afternoon Mr. Marsh, Ms. Skversky, Ms. Maass and Ms. Jose,

    I’d like to thank you all. We have a group of about 20 8-13 year olds participating in our new civic engagement program – geared towards educating local children on government, the election process and the importance of political awareness and civic engagement. Anyway, we just started the program in January and have the kids working on a research project, where one group ended up coming across your website in their findings.

    They were able to reference some of the information you’ve provided on your club’s links page for their group report, so I just wanted to say thanks a lot for sharing – and great job!

    I thought you might also appreciate a resource one of our younger students, Chrissy, found and presented on the meaning of democracy and the branches of government, which I’ve listed below if you’d like to review. I actually thought this could be a helpful addition for any other younger students who might also be looking to you for some guidance here. If you find it’s something you are able to add to your list, please let me know!

    I would love to hear what you all think about the suggestion, and even surprise the group if it ends up being included! Thanks a lot!

    Take care,

  • Floyd Winters
    Hello. I am helping Olivia Babis, Democratic candidate in the general election for Florida Senate, District 23, in Sarasota. Olivia would like to have a chance to speak to your group during the next meeting or would appreciate any help that you could extend to her campaign. We would really appreciate the opportunity to pick up additional volunteers or financial support. The most recent poll shows that she actually has a 4-point lead among potential voters. Please help us flip this district. With your help we can do it!
  • Tessie H. Jose
  • Jean Gramaglia
  • Becky van der Bogert
  • Edward Kaczynski
    Just wondering if there was an early voting place on Longboat Key….I live on the Manatee side….
  • Judith Marks