Board Member Bob Gary and Susie Taft Discuss Saving Our Democracy

Susie Taft married into the Ohio Taft family which has produced a President of the United States, a Supreme Court Justice, a Governor and a US Senator. She is a passionate Democratic and a long-standing friend of LBKDC Board member Bob Gary.  Susie and Bob had this very interesting email exchange recently.   Susie Taft has been engaged in many presidential campaigns and understands our democracy is on the line in 2020. 

Susie Taft — America is in (justifiable) chaos tonight while Trump is hiding out beneath his desk in the White House, the pandemic is killing thousands while tearing apart our economy, and Trump's record shows he has been remarkably facile at dismantling our democratic agencies and institutions in just 3+ years. I'm in this fight through the 2020 election, but my heart is faltering. I applaud all efforts, but tell me when some impact will be registered on the swing states. Just looking for rays of meaningful light. 

Bob Gary — Susan, your email resonated with me.  It reflects the concerns that so many Americans harbor regardless of party. I know how passionately you wish to see our country return to the basic values of decency and honesty which have been trampled on so callously by President Trump.

You say “my heart is faltering” and ask if I have  any “assurance that what we do will register any impact on the swing  states.” I hear your fear. It is true that we are are close to the abyss.  We are close to losing our democracy.  I hear your plea for “rays of meaningful light” that the fight will bring about positive change.

I cannot  offer false promises. The reality is that  each of us individually and collectively must engage fully with whatever tools are available. The  day after the election we must all be able to say,  regardless of the outcome, that we left nothing on the table.  We must be able to say we expended every ounce of creativity and energy to extricate our beloved country from the grip of this man without soul or empathy, a man who plays on our darkest impulses to divide us.

We will win because we cannot afford to lose. We will engage at all levels because the battle involves our children and grandchildren who without our efforts may be governed by a malignant kleptocracy that serves only itself.

We cannot condition our tireless  efforts to turn out the vote, end voter suppression, advance ideas of fairness and justice on the   assurance of a  positive result. There is no such assurance.  If we   lose we  lose everything.  We have to fight with all we have because there is no option, no alternative, no time to question.


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