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Happy New Year, Florida Democrats!
This is the year we have all been waiting for! As we enter the most important election year of our lifetime, I want to thank each of you for all you are doing in preparation to turn Florida and the White House blue in 2020. The work we are doing together is making Florida and the country a better place.
The race for the White House is going to come down to Florida, and every one of our 67 counties is important. Building our margins everywhere is key -- narrowing the margins in red counties, winning the swing counties, and rolling margins up in the blues. All of our programs and activities are targeted to those goals, to work to ensure that Florida's 29 electoral votes help elect a Democratic president, and to add Congressional, state, and local seats across the state. Every vote matters, and what you are doing across the state to achieve these goals is critical. Thank you.
See below for important information and updates as we start the year, and stay tuned for more to come weekly. Looking forward to seeing you -- in Tallahassee during the upcoming Legislative Session that starts on January 14, at one of our trainings or meetings around the state, or in your county as we continue the campaign to turn Florida Blue. We are all in this together.
Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous (and Blue) New Year!
As of Saturday, January 4, there are exactly 304 days -- 10 months -- to November 3, 2020.
Terri Rizzo
Chair, Florida Democratic Party
Save the Dates: DCCA & Leadership Blue 2020
Save these dates for this year's annual events.
DCCA Retreat 2020 will be held on March 27-29 in Jacksonville. You can sign up to receive updates on DCCA Retreat here.
DCCA Retreat 2020
March 27-29 | Jacksonville, FL
Leadership Blue is being planned for the weekend of May 29-31 in Orlando. Leadership Blue will coincide with the National Convention delegate meeting, including Party Leader and Elected Officials (PLEO) and at-large delegate elections.
Leadership Blue
May 29-31 | Orlando, FL


Faith Leaders Call Out Trump's Broken Promises
As Democrats we know Trump and his followers do not speak for all people of faith. His policies and behavior are immoral and un-Christian. On Friday FDP partnered with faith organizations and leaders across the state to protest Trump's launch of "Evangelicals for Trump" in Miami. Chris King, Minister Kevin Chambliss and Pastor Doug Pagitt of Vote Common Good led a press call making the case for Christians and people of faith to reject the President's policies and behavior in 2020. In addition, FDP worked with a dozen faith leaders from across the state to issue an open letter denouncing the President's attempts to co-opt Christianity for political purposes. Read the Open Letter Here.
FDP also launched a petition for people of faith who are rejecting the President in 2020 and received over 1,000 signatures in less than 12 hours. Sign and Share the Petition Here.
And here are a few of the news stories FDP landed in response to Trump's efforts to organize in Florida:


Organizing Corps 2020
Applications are available for Organizing Corps 2020 7-Day Bootcamp and 5-Week Immersion paid training programs! We are working with Organizing Corps 2020, Florida Young Democrats, and Florida College Democrats to recruit and train Florida college students to be the next generation of organizers for the general election.
If you know of good candidates in college, have them apply at www.organizingcorps2020.com. You can also find applications at @orgcorps2020 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The deadline to apply for the March 16-22 Bootcamp is January 13, 2020.
Petition Initiatives
The deadline for state verification of petitions for 2020 ballot initiatives is February 1, 2020. We are working with Ban Assault Weapons Now (BAWN) and Make It Legal Florida, for the decriminalization of marijuana, in their final month's push to qualify for the ballot. Please do what you can to assist both of these campaigns get the additional signatures they need. Be sure to mark the petitions you collect with the appropriate Survey Responses in VAN so we capture this valuable data.
The Make It Legal FL campaign will drop ship petitions (200-500) directly to you. If you would like petitions shipped, please email PartyAffairs@FloridaDems.org the quantity you would like and your mailing address.
Incentive Grants
Congratulations to these counties who met their voter registration or vote-by-mail incentive grant goals in December:
  • Brevard
  • Citrus
  • Collier
  • DeSoto
  • Martin
  • Orange
  • Palm Beach
  • Polk
  • Sarasota
Our Incentive Grant program is continuing in 2020! DECs and State Caucuses can check their January goals and progress on our Tableau Leaderboard.
National Convention Delegate Selection - Happening Soon!
Our Florida Congressional District Caucuses to select delegates for the National Convention are fast approaching. Paperwork to apply to be a National Convention District Delegate will be available on our website starting February 3. The deadline to apply is March 7.
Congressional District Caucuses will be Saturday, April 4.
Your January DEC, Club, and Caucus meetings are the time to present information on the National Convention. Please make sure your members know about the National Convention, how to run to be a delegate, and the timeline. More information can be found at floridadems.org/convention.
Vote by Mail Program Launch
FDP is partnering with Forward Florida and Swing Left for our new Vote-by-Mail (VBM) initiative. In addition to Blue Victory, our VBM strategy is two-tiered:
  1. Enroll non-voting Democrats in both swing and hold-and-protect legislative districts.
  2. Enroll non-voting Hispanic and African American Democrats statewide.
Our data and analytics team have identified 316,000 Democrats in swing and hold-and-protect districts who are registered but don't vote plus an additional 447,000 Hispanic and African American Democrats statewide who are registered but don't vote. By getting just 10% of these Democrats to vote, Democrats could protect all of our 2018 gains, flip 4-12 seats in the state legislature, net another 1-2 seats in the US Congress, and turn the tide for Democrats in both 2020 and 2022.
We are building on our 2018 VBM program success by adding improvements that worked in other states. Here's the plan:
  • Direct mail VBM enrollment forms with return postage paid
  • Use phone and text banks to chase the enrollment forms
  • Run digital ads with a link to the online enrollment form. These ads will also target overseas Democrats
  • Place automated calls with patch-through to supervisor of elections
  • Provide incentive grants to DECs in Republican counties
  • Use phone and text banks to stay in touch with VBM enrollees, inviting them to events, identifying issues important to them, and ensuring they understand the voting process
Watch for announcements on the availability of phone banks, as we'll need everyone's assistance to ensure the success of this program.
Voter Registration Stats
Together we ended 2019 with 24,390 voter registrations! Here's a closer look at the numbers:
  • 63.1% are Democrats
  • 56.4% are age 18-34
  • 53.8% are female
  • 58.5% are persons of color
Democracia al Día
Tune in to Actualidad radio 1040AM in Miami at noon each Saturday for our Spanish language show “Democracia al Día.”
Each radio show is also available as a podcast on iOS and Android.
Orange County Democratic Office Grand Opening
The Florida Democratic Party is committed to providing the infrastructure and building the teams needed to help Democrats win in 2020. We are excited to announce with the Orange County Democrats the opening of an Orange County office on Saturday, January 11. Mayor Jerry Demings, Representative Anna Eskamani, and other elected officials will be in attendance on Saturday morning to help kick-off the weekend.
January 11 will be 298 days until the general election, so we are asking volunteers to ring in the new year with us and help us complete 298 volunteer shifts. During this weekend of action, we will be registering voters and calling local Democrats.
Cease-Fire - Jacksonville
Our third Cease-Fire event will be Saturday, January 25 in Jacksonville. The event will feature a community dialogue on gun-violence prevention alongside survivors, gun-violence prevention professionals, community leaders, and government officials.
Please use our Cease-Fire Digital Toolkit to promote this event along with the Mobilize Event Link.
Public Education Rally
Training Resources
  • TBPP: Cultural Competency and Outreach pt. 10: Women - This multi-part webinar series on cultural competency and outreach is part of the DNC Team Blue Pipeline Program (TBPP) for professional development. The training is geared toward Democratic staff, volunteers, activists, and candidates and is scheduled for Wednesday, January 15 at 4:00 p.m. EST.
  • TBPP: Cultural Competency and Outreach pt. 11: African Americans - This multi-part webinar series on cultural competency and outreach is part of the DNC Team Blue Pipeline Program (TBPP) for professional development. The training is geared toward Democratic staff, volunteers, activists, and candidates and is scheduled for Wednesday, January 29 at 4:00 p.m. EST.
  • DNC Briefing Call on Organizing AAPIs in Florida - Get an update on what the DNC is doing to organize AAPI communities. Provide feedback on strategies and best practices to drive turnout of AAPI voters in support of Democrats up and down the ballot. Wednesday, January 29 at 5:00 p.m. EST.
  • The BPI Victory Vault contains resources to aid volunteers, community organizers, activists, and campaigns on grassroots organizing skills. Anyone interested in viewing the Best Practices Institute (BPI) Victory Vault resources must complete the application to request access. Current resources include fundraising, organizing, countering disinformation, communication, and the Cultural Competency and Outreach programs.
  • Social Media Manners Manager - A cheat sheet from progressive marketing and public relations firm M+R on how to deal with comments and complaints on your social media pages.
  • Campaign Blueprint - more than 100 training modules for first-time candidates including everything from how to hire a mail vendor to how to set up a get-out-the-vote volunteer staging location. The program also includes a campaign plan generator where candidates input information about their campaign and receive a valuable guide to winning. Use our Campaign Blueprint Social Media Toolkit to continue to promote our one-of-a-kind FDP candidate resource.

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