H.R.1 "For the People Act"

House Resolution 1 (H.R.1) “For the People Act” passed by the House in March 2019 is critical legislation that protects our voting and elections from both foreign and domestic attacks.  This omnibus bill strengthens our democracy by legislating changes in voting rights, ethics, and campaign financing.  Dr. Dale Anderson spoke to the Longboat Key Democratic Club (LBKDC) in October, focusing his remarks on H.R.1. The bill is crucial for the future of our democracy, but it is currently being blocked by the Republican-controlled Senate.  H.R.1 will only be passed if the Democrats win the Senate in November.  In addition to defeating Donald Trump, the legislation is a  "rallying cry" to get all Democrats to vote in November. 

Below is the H.R.1 brochure developed by Dr. Anderson and the LBKDC, which contains Dr. Anderson's presentation material. Pages 1-4 provide summary details about the 700 page H.R.1. Pages 5 and 6 present the Republican party's undemocratic rationale for are trying to block it.  You can download a copy of our brochure HERE.





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