Help Us In Newtown

Dear Friends,

We're in the homestretch and we still have way too many voters who need to vote if we're going to elect the strong Democratic candidates running for National, State and Local offices! Early Voting has started and we need to get over 60,000 Democratic voters to the polls or get them to send in their Vote By Mail ballot. We need your help.

Many of you are signed up to do some poll greeter / watching or are doing canvassing, lit drops, phone banking, texting or other activities. But, if we want to prevail here in Florida and Sarasota, all of us need to do even more! Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone and take on at least one more activity.

Please sign up today for something else – maybe even something you've never tried before!

Knock On Doors

We need to make sure all Dems and left-leaning NPAs cast their votes SAFELY & PROPERLY.

Phone Banking From Home

We're calling voters to remind those who have received Vote By Mail ballots to mail them in and get them to turn out for early voting.

Call from the comfort of your home at a time that is convenient to you. We'll get you all set up and trained remotely by phone and computer.

We've built up a lead in Vote By Mail returns. It is important for us to maintain that early lead in during Early Voting and Election Day. The Republican machine is gearing up to stop our momentum in these final two weeks. We need to fight back and make sure we can turn out our supporters during the early voting period. As each day passes, your support grows more important. Please Click Here to rush a donation of any amount

Our work must continue until 7:00 pm on Election day! Remember every single vote makes a difference! Help us get Joe Biden and all our down ballot candidates elected.

Thank you and stay safe!

JoAnne DeVries, Chair
Sarasota County Democratic Party

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