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We have clear choices in this election. Our actions and choices will define our great country for years to come. Florida will be critical. Every vote will count.  
Vote-By-Mail (VBM) is safe and reliable. To sign up for Vote-By-Mail, call your Supervisor of Elections (SOE). In Sarasota Co., call 941-861-8618. In Manatee Co. call
(941) 741-3823. Requests for a VBM ballot must be received in Sarasota and Manatee counties by 5 pm on Oct. 24. The SOE will send you a VBM form to complete and return.
After you have signed up for Vote-By-Mail, SOEs in Sarasota and Manatee Counties will start mailing VBM ballots around September 24, earlier if you are overseas or in the military. If you requested a ballot, but have not received it, by the second week in October, contact the SOE to request a replacement ballot. 
It is important that the SOE has your correct mailing address. Vote-By-Mail ballots cannot be forwarded. The postal service returns them to the Supervisor of Elections who will then strike you from future Vote-By-Mail mailings. 
Once your receive your VBM ballot, return it as soon as possible. Vote-By-Mail ballots must be at the SOE by 7pm November 3. Do not wait to the last minute to mail your ballot, although, if necessary, you can overnight or express mail your ballot to your SOE. You or a friend can also return your ballot in person to the SOE or any early voting site during early voting. Early voting begins on October 19 in both counties. If you need assistance, email us and we will pick up and return your completed ballot for you. 
After you register for Vote-By-Mail, please check to see that the SOE has your correct address for each election. You can call your SOE or go online. Call 941-861-8618 (Sarasota Co.), (941) 741-3823 (Manatee Co.).

After you register for Vote-By-Mail, please check to see that the SOE has your correct address for each election. You can call your SOE or go 

online. Call 941-861-8618 (Sarasota Co), (941) 741-3823 (Manatee Co.).



  1. Sarasota Co. voters go to, Manatee Co. voters go to What follows applies to both websites.
  2. Click on “Vote By Mail”;
  3. Click on “Track your vote-by-mail ballot”;
  4. Enter your name and date of birth;
  5. Verify that the the address shown for the November 3 general election is the one that you want your ballot sent to. If not, call your SOE IMMEDIATELY to give your correct address. 
  6. After voting, go back to “Track your vote-by-mail ballot” to ensure that your vote has been counted.


Before every election there is a period of early voting.  Early voting starts on October 19 for the November elections in both Sarasota and Manatee Counties.  Early voting  and Drop Off locations for Sarasota County are listed belos.  Manatee County has not yet listed their Drop Off Locations. 




To Vote In Person


On Election Day itself, you can go to these locations to vote:

Longboat voters with Manatee registrations will vote at the:
Longboat Island Chapel
6200 Gulf of Mexico Drive

Longboat voters registered in Sarasota County should go to Town Hall of:
Longboat Key
501 Bay Isles Road

Polls on election day are open from 7:00 am - 7:00 pm. Click on the links below to learn more about registering to vote, early voting, candidates and committees and more!

Sarasota County Residents:

Manatee County Residents:

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