Former Ambassadors James McGee and Charles Ray Webinar

LBKDC was fortunate to have two Board members, Bob Gary, prosecutor, and Michael Boorstein, former senior Foreign Service Officer, serve as co-hosts for two distinguished military and diplomatic officers. Click HERE for a link to the video of our August 11 webinar.  


James McGee served in the US Air Force during Vietnam. He was a member of the Foreign Service  in Africa, South Asia, Europe and the Americas, and Ambassador to Swaziland, Madagascar, the Comoros, and Zimbabwe. 




Charles Ray had 20 years of distinguished service in the Army including Vietnam.  Joining the Foreign Service, he served in Asia, Africa and as Ambassador to Cambodia and Zimbabwe.



A key message emerged from their topic The Use of Military for Civilian Law and Order.   One of the lynchpins of our democracy is that the military is not to be used to control our civilian population except in rare instances.  Trump’s administration has potentially violated this.

James McGee explained that our current situation is exacerbated by the fact that uniformed officers take an oath to uphold the Constitution and speaking out against the President unless he has done something illegal.  is punishable up to court marshal.  Also, the average American citizen isn’t aware of the potential consequences of the President using the military to quell peaceful protests. 

In closing, our guests were asked if the military could fight back if the President acted to the detriment of the country and democracy.   Charles Ray responded that it shouldn’t come to that if Congress and the Senate took the lead to stop it.   He warned that our country could fail like the Roman and British Empires if we elect a President who doesn’t put the needs of the country above his own needs.   It is the role of Congress, the courts, and Americans to exercise their right to vote to change things.   We can’t afford to think about what is good for us in the next few years.   We need to ask what we want the world to be like for our grandchildren.

Also discussed and you can see at (link to video)

• Enablers of President Trump

• Militarization of police forces

• Defunding the police

• Role of the media

•US image abroad





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