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Coronavirus Notices

All in-person voter contact activities have been suspended. To best use this down time we encourage you to reach out to voters over the phone from your home. This is turning out to be an excellent time to phone bank as people are home & receptive to calls!

SCDP Headquarters and South County Office are closed. If you need an office service please email or call SCDP Headquarters:, 941-330-9400; South County Office:, 941-888-0940. Email and voice messages at both offices are being monitored.

SCDP GOTV / VBM Phone Banking  At Home

From July 12th thru August 7th we are calling voters with a VBM Ballot to vote in the Primary / School Board Election, then from August 8th thru 18th we will call all that have not voted yet for the Early Voting or Polls. You will be phone banking in the comfort of your home at a time convenient to you.

Sign up here to make calls from your home

Neighbor2Neighbor Training  Online

Join the Neighbor 2 Neighbor (N2N) Team & Get Out the Vote from the comfort of your home as an N2N Volunteer.

Sign up here for N2N Training via Zoom and learn how to use remote techniques to engage with YOUR Democratic and Democratic-leaning neighbors. Together we'll turn Florida BLUE!

Caravan for School Board Candidates ★ Your Car

Twice a day - at 12:45pm and 5:45pm - we will meet in a different part of Sarasota County, then ride in a caravan in high visibility areas to promote our school board candidates. Car decorations will be provided. Details & Locations here.

July 27, 2020  5:30 pm to 6:30 pm  Online

LWV Candidate Forum - State House District 72

Candidates briefly describe their approach to issues by answering questions developed by the League and voters in advance. Details & Sign up here.

July 28, 2020  12:00 pm to 1:30 pm  Online

LBK Democratic Club - Margaret Good Webinar

Margaret Good, who is running against seven term Congressman Vern Buchanan in the 16th District, will join us to discuss her platform and what she hopes to accomplish in Congress. Details & Sign up here.

July 29, 2020  5:30 pm to 6:30 pm  Online

LWV Candidate Forum - County Commission 1 & 5

Candidates briefly describe their approach to issues by answering questions developed by the League and voters in advance. Details & Sign up here.

August 1, 2020  9:30 am to 10:30 am  Venice

Sign and Wave for Joe Biden

Together We Rise. Every Saturday. Support Democrats, 2020 Biden. We need everyone! Details here.

Location: US 41 & Laurel Road, Venice

August 1 & 2, 2020  Englewood

Englewood Car Caravan For School Board Candidates

We will be riding thru two Englewood events (Car Show & Farmer's Market) at 20-25 mph promoting our school board candidates. Car decorations will be provided. Details & Sign up here.

Location: Lemon Bay Shopping Center, Englewood

August 3, 2020  5:30 pm to 6:30 pm  Online

LWV Candidate Forum - County School Board Districts 2 & 3

Candidates briefly describe their approach to issues by answering questions developed by the League and voters in advance. Details & Sign up here.

August 4, 2020  11:30 am to 1:00 pm  Online

Democratic Women's Club Bi-Monthly Mid-Day Meeting

Come meet with like minded people and share meaningful conversations. Details here.

August 5, 2020  5:30 pm to 6:30 pm  Online

LWV Candidate Forum - North Port City Comm. Districts 1 & 2

Candidates briefly describe their approach to issues by answering questions developed by the League and voters in advance. Details & Sign up here.

August 6, 2020  5:00 pm to 7:00 pm  Online

Meet Terry Turner, Candidate for Sarasota City Comm., District 2

Terry will tell us why he's running and why listening to voters is important to him. You'll be able to ask questions about issues that are important to YOU. Please join us. Details & Sign up here.

August 6, 2020  5:00 pm to 7:00 pm  Online

Hispanic Caucus Monthly Meeting

Join us for discussions, trainings, plans and actions to integrate the Hispanic and Latino community in the political spectrum. Details & Sign up here.

August 6, 2020  6:00 pm to 8:00 pm  Online

Sarasota Democratic Black Caucus Monthly Meeting

Join us as we engage in initiatives of voter registration, voter education, and Get Out The Vote (GOTV). SDBC is setting local goals and initiatives. Come join us! Details & Sign up here.

August 9, 2020  4:00 pm to 5:30 pm  Online

Sarasota County Democratic Jewish Caucus - Nosh and Knowledge

The SCDJC presents "The Justice Department as a Political Weapon" - a talk by Robert Gary, JD, LLM and Gary Massel, Ph.D. Discussion & time for questions following the talk. Details & Sign up here.

August 10, 2020  7:00 pm to 8:30 pm  Online

Environmental Caucus Monthly Meeting

Janelle Christensen, Chair of the Florida Democratic Environmental Caucus, will present her "Legislative Report Cards" and a system to track the legislators in Tallahassee. The endorsed candidates for State House Seats will also discuss their platforms. Details & Sign up here.

August 15, 2020  10:30 am to 12:00 pm  Online

Venice Area Democratic Club - Monthly Meeting

Details here.

August 17, 2020  6:30 pm to 8:00 pm  Online

Sarasota County Democratic Veterans Caucus - Monthly Meeting

Come and join us for our monthly meeting. All Veteran, Active Military, Friends and Families of Veterans are welcome to attend. Details & Sign up here.

August 18, 2020  7:00 pm  Online

Primary Election Night Watch Party

Sign up & join us for a great ZOOM evening after the polls close to watch election results for the School Board and all the other important local races. Details & Sign up here.

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Not all of the above events are organized by the SCDP.

Community groups with aligned interests and common goals are welcome to submit their events for inclusion on our calendar. If you are a member of a group and would like to submit an event, please coordinate your submission with your group’s leadership in order to avoid multiple submissions.

Submissions can be made by filling out the SCDP event submission form.



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Summary and Video - Why The Democrats Need A Compelling Story To Win In 2020



Here is the link to our video of our July 21, 2020 webinar




Here is the link to our video of our July 21, 2020 webinar





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Norma Schatz July 2020 Letter

To Plymouth Harbor Democrats…and others who care -                                          July, 2020

    Most of us who grew up with “Officer Friendly” probably were unaware that being inebriated could  put you in handcuffs or that a traffic stop could lead to your being killed or that, no matter how well-dressed or on your way to work or shop, you could be patted down for drugs. From deaths to indignities, these are the contacts with police that too many people of color have experienced. if we didn’t know about it before, we have surely learned about disparate treatment in the justice system.
    The mood of the country, especially among young people, is to acknowledge the need and to support change in both law and practice. Congress is currently facing a stalemate on police legislation.  The Senate’s Republican bill that encourages change is considered too weak by Democrats; the House bill requiring change will not be considered in the Senate. Effective legislation is needed.  If the size and diversity of the protests all over the country is any indication, change is coming. Systemic racism has too long been a shameful part of American history.

     In Florida - Unlike in several other states, Gov. DeSantes has not called a special session to deal with policing issues.  In addition to fighting the return of voting rights to ex-felons,  the Governor cancelled this year’s clemency hearing; more than 17,000 Floridians are waiting to have their clemency cases heard. In DeSantis’ first year in office, only 24 people have had their voting rights restored.
     In response to the Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School Shooting almost 200,000 petitions were signed and collected by the Ban Assault Weapons Now movement for an amendment to be on the November ballot..  No  - we don’t get to vote on it because the Florida Supreme Court rejected the language on the ballot initiative as “confusing”.
    DeSantes has signed another school voucher bill. This one ups the income level for which families can receive a voucher for students to attend private and religious schools.  These students are not required to take state accountability assessments under the Every Student Succeeds Act.  Included in the bill is a reduction in the state’s oversight of these programs from one to every three years.
    Controlled news, approved news seems to be a White House priority.  Remember Stars and Stripes, the Armed Forces’ own newspaper?  The White House wants it cut out of the military budget.  The Voice of America's two top executives stepped down following Senate confirmation of President Trump's pick to run the agency that oversees the international broadcaster.  “Critics fear that Michael Pack, a close ally of Trump would jeopardize VOA’s independence, giving more favorable coverage of the Trump Administration” (The Topping 6/16/20).  According to Dos Kos 6/28/20: “Vice President Mike Pence ordered government health experts to route pandemic news through his office in the relentless Republican repetition of the truly insane Trump insistence that all news personally embarrassing to him is actually ‘fake’.” Don’t underestimate the reach and influence of Fox News and local and nationally syndicated radio to support and spread Trump misstatements, false accusations and conspiracy theories.

    With all the misinformation and disinformation and plain hot air, you might need these resources: or  Snopes (the most well-known of fact-checking websites) or Hoax Slayer. focuses on political spending and Politifact is a nonpartisan fact-checking website that evaluates the accuracy of political statements.
    The U.S. Post Office is a vital part of our economy and the personal lives of so many of us; its funding is at risk. Call Sen. Marco Rubio 202/224-3041, Sen.Rick Scott 202/224-5274, Rep.Vern Buchanan 202/225-5015.
    To register to vote - or for a Vote By Mail ballot - or to check if an earlier request needs to be updated - call the Supervisor of Elections at 941/861-8600. VBM ballot requests are good for two election cycles.    
     Let me know if you want to be taken off this letter list.
    Norma H. Schatz
       “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”  Martin Luther King jr.
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Board Member Bob Gary and Susie Taft Discuss Saving Our Democracy

Susie Taft married into the Ohio Taft family which has produced a President of the United States, a Supreme Court Justice, a Governor and a US Senator. She is a passionate Democratic and a long-standing friend of LBKDC Board member Bob Gary.  Susie and Bob had this very interesting email exchange recently.   Susie Taft has been engaged in many presidential campaigns and understands our democracy is on the line in 2020. 

Susie Taft — America is in (justifiable) chaos tonight while Trump is hiding out beneath his desk in the White House, the pandemic is killing thousands while tearing apart our economy, and Trump's record shows he has been remarkably facile at dismantling our democratic agencies and institutions in just 3+ years. I'm in this fight through the 2020 election, but my heart is faltering. I applaud all efforts, but tell me when some impact will be registered on the swing states. Just looking for rays of meaningful light. 

Robert_Gary.jpgBob Gary — Susan, your email resonated with me.  It reflects the concerns that so many Americans harbor regardless of party. I know how passionately you wish to see our country return to the basic values of decency and honesty which have been trampled on so callously by President Trump.

You say “my heart is faltering” and ask if I have  any “assurance that what we do will register any impact on the swing  states.” I hear your fear. It is true that we are are close to the abyss.  We are close to losing our democracy.  I hear your plea for “rays of meaningful light” that the fight will bring about positive change.

I cannot  offer false promises. The reality is that  each of us individually and collectively must engage fully with whatever tools are available. The  day after the election we must all be able to say,  regardless of the outcome, that we left nothing on the table.  We must be able to say we expended every ounce of creativity and energy to extricate our beloved country from the grip of this man without soul or empathy, a man who plays on our darkest impulses to divide us.

We will win because we cannot afford to lose. We will engage at all levels because the battle involves our children and grandchildren who without our efforts may be governed by a malignant kleptocracy that serves only itself.

We cannot condition our tireless  efforts to turn out the vote, end voter suppression, advance ideas of fairness and justice on the   assurance of a  positive result. There is no such assurance.  If we   lose we  lose everything.  We have to fight with all we have because there is no option, no alternative, no time to question.


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LBKDC Interview with David Verinder, Sarasota Memorial Health Care System CEO

David Verinder & Michael Boorstein Discussion of Current, Future Impacts of Covid-19: Summary

Board members of the Longboat Key Democratic Club were pleased to have worked with Sarasota Memorial Health System so that our members and the community at large could gain a better understanding of the impacts of Covid-19 on Sarasota and Longboat Key.

In addition to the discussions with Dr. Manuel Gordillo, Medical Director of Infection Prevention and control at Sarasota Memorial, and Dr. Kirk Voelker, Medical Director of Clinical Research and the Covid-19 clinical trials, our Board member Michael Boorstein had a very interesting and productive discussion with David Verinder, President and CEO of the health system.  Here is a summary of Mr. Verinder’s responses to Michael’s questions.


  • Mr. Verinder emphasized the challenges that the patients, his staff and the community have faced in coping with this crisis.  Physicians and staff at the hospital have worked around the clock to provide the best care possible.  The hospital has received enormous generosity and support from the community including daily meal deliveries for the hospital’s frontline workers and homemade masks.  Local organizations have provided critical equipment, supplies and funding for critical Covid-19 research.  This outpouring of support has been tremendously uplifting to all Sarasota Memorial staff.


  • Through all of this, Mr. Verinder told us that the pandemic has had a severe financial impact on the health system.  Sarasota Memorial experienced a $16 revenue reduction in revenue in March.  Surgery cases fell by more than 50% and there were significant volume decreases in the hospital’s two Emergency Care Centers and seven Urgent Care Centers.  The Urgent Care Center at St. Armand’s Circle has been temporarily closed.


  • Fortunately, the situation has begun to turn around for the better. The hospital’s elective and non-emergency volume has now begun to increase and staff are being called back to work.  The hospital and physician offices are now better prepared to care for patients because of safeguards and work practices they have put in place.
  • The hospital is confident they can now safely resume care to all patients. The hospital has a small number of Covid-19 patients and they remain isolated from other patients.  Hospital staff caring for these patients are dedicated only to their care. Their top priority has been and always will be for the safety of patients, staff and others visiting or working in their facilities.


  • Mr. Verinder assured us that the hospital is now prepared should their be a resurgence of Covid-19.  The health system is receiving a steady shipment of supplies.  The hospital has ample supply of ventilators, critical care beds, and Intensive Care Unit capacity.  He is confident that the hospital has the capacity to manage any future spread of the virus. 


  • He encouraged citizens to visit the SMH website, for the latest updates on the virus and related topics.


In summary, we are very encouraged by our discussions with Mr. Verinder and Drs. Gordillo and Voelker.  Not only is the hospital now fully prepared to care for all patients, but the clinical trials they are doing with Covid-19 treatments could have a significant impact on the management of the virus going forward.  We are indeed very fortunate to have the Sarasota Health System in our community.


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Norma Schatz May 2020 Letter

To Plymouth Harbor Democrats...and others who care:                                May, 2020    

     Two elections coming up this year.  In addition to the November 3rd State and Federal election, August 18 is the date for local election for members of the Sarasota Country School Board,  Sarasota City Commissioners and County Commission (for which district lines are currently in dispute). Be sure to have requested your Vote By Mail ballot from the Supervisor of Elections: 941/861-8618 or  While you don't have to use your VBM ballot, not only does Covid-19 continue to be a potential interference but these elections are in hurricane season.  

     Your signature verifies your ballot.  If your signature has changed (a tremor or injury, or it just varies), request and return a new voter registration application from the Supervisor of Elections.  It's a good idea to make and keep a copy of the signature you use.   
     To support Margaret Good for U.S. Congress District 16 against Vern Buchanan go to    For volunteering to help the local Democratic party:
     In Florida… Gov. DeSantis signed a bill making it more difficult to get  citizens’ initiatives on the ballot, adding more requirements for gathering voter signatures. The bill passed the GOP-led Legislature along partisan lines, Democrats opposed.  Republicans again opposed expanding Medicaid that would have afforded 800,000 Floridians’ access to health care. As of mid-April, Florida lagged behind 21 other states in coronavirus testing.
     In Washington…confusion continues in dealing with Covid-19. Dr. Trump provided dangerous podium proscriptions. The man tapped by HHS Sec’y Azar for coronavirus response is a former dog breeder with no medical or public health experience, and the FDA has failed to validate many of the needed coronavirus tests.
With more than a  million cases and 60,000 deaths, Trump is turning over responsibility to the states and Jared
Kushner claims the federal government response to the challenge “is a great success”.    

How our lives and activities have changed!  The news is very much concerned – as it should be – with the coronavirus.   Less attention is being given, unfortunately,  to some actions of  the Executive branch.       

     Anything here bother/interest you enough to make a call or send an email?  And surely vote for change.

     The US Postal Service is in real jeopardy.  Democrats in Congress want more money for it, especially with the importance of voting by mail. Trump opposes help for the Post Office and Republicans have long wanted  private corporations to take it over.     
     At a town hall meeting broadcast by FOX News recently, President Trump said “We'll be cutting entitlements like Medicare and Social Security” His 2021 budget also includes cuts for CDC and NIH.
     The Dept  of Justice is still fighting the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in court. President Trump has refused to extend the enrollment period to assist those who are now without health care.
     The EPA plans to devalue the importance of science and research when weighted with economic considerations.  Another cancer-linked pesticide that can drift and contaminate groundwater was approved and fuel efficiency standards have been lowered.  Yet another gift to polluters: Covid-19 is being used by the EPA to announce that they would not be actively enforcing environmental protections for the duration of the crisis.

     The Dept of the Interior has continued to lease huge swaths of public lands to oil and gas interests and to mining; the reopening of our coastal waters to more oil exploration (and spills) is on hold, not dead.

     Trump has made one of his signature defense priorities building Gateway Nukes - nuclear weapons seen as “more usable” in conventional wars if the president decides it’s ok to use them.  The administration has  also lifted the United States prohibition against the used of landmines. 

     Trump has eliminated independent oversight over the Coronavirus relief funds.; there is limited public information on where business grants were going.  Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has $500 Billion in corporate relief money to sprinkle on friends, family and Trump donors.    Sen. Rubio 202/224-3041; Sen, Scott 202/224-5274; Rep, Buchanan 941/951-6643 or email them. "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”Alice Walker.  

Norma Schatz

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H.R.1 "For the People Act"

House Resolution 1 (H.R.1) “For the People Act” passed by the House in March 2019 is critical legislation that protects our voting and elections from both foreign and domestic attacks.  This omnibus bill strengthens our democracy by legislating changes in voting rights, ethics, and campaign financing.  Dr. Dale Anderson spoke to the Longboat Key Democratic Club (LBKDC) in October, focusing his remarks on H.R.1. The bill is crucial for the future of our democracy, but it is currently being blocked by the Republican-controlled Senate.  H.R.1 will only be passed if the Democrats win the Senate in November.  In addition to defeating Donald Trump, the legislation is a  "rallying cry" to get all Democrats to vote in November. 

Below is the H.R.1 brochure developed by Dr. Anderson and the LBKDC, which contains Dr. Anderson's presentation material. Pages 1-4 provide summary details about the 700 page H.R.1. Pages 5 and 6 present the Republican party's undemocratic rationale for are trying to block it.  You can download a copy of our brochure HERE.





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Organizing Corps 2020

I hope that you and your loved ones are doing well during this very difficult time. My name is Molly Ingalls, and I'm the Lead Coach for Florida with Organizing Corps 2020. I’m reaching out to share information about Organizing Corps 2020, a project to train organizers to work on the presidential campaign for the Democratic Party.

Organizing Corps 2020 is offering Virtual Bootcamps to ensure that the future presidential nominee has the staff needed to take back the White House and put competent leaders in seats up and down the ballot. Now more than ever, campaigns will need smart, effective, and trained organizers who are ready to problem-solve, adapt best practices to a physically distanced world, and develop creative ways of connecting with volunteers and voters in order to bring new possibilities to life and make campaigns and elections truly accessible. I’m contacting you because I want to make sure that the opportunity to join Organizing Corps 2020 in this work is available to your community.

In May, Organizing Corps 2020 will host 1-week virtual organizer trainings for those with local connections to AZ, FL, GA, MI, NC, PA, & WI. Admitted corps members who complete the program will receive a $500 technology and supplies stipend as well as direct support in securing a full-time, salaried position on the presidential campaign through November 3, 2020. The deadline to apply is April 18th. Program details and the application can be found at

Can you share this opportunity with your network, and help Organizing Corps 2020 connect with people interested in working on the presidential campaign? I especially hope that this message can reach:

  • People living in or going to school in Florida or other battleground states who are fired up & ready to go
  • Recent graduates and those interested in (re)launching their careers in politics/campaigns
  • Adults working in career development services
  • Other mission-aligned networks and communities, student groups, and alumni lists
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Norma Schatz April 2020 Letter

To Plymouth Harbor Democrats…and others who care:                                  April, 2020
        Hate in the time of COVID-19.  Xenophobia didn't start when candidate Trump descended  the golden escalator to rant against a Mexican invasion.  Xenophobia, racism and exclusion have long been a part of American history; Irish, Italians, Jews, Hispanics, Asians, Moslems, Blacks, Native Americans have all known it. But hate crimes have become more prevalent and white supremacists bolder in the past three years. Now, with the coronavirus affecting our lives in so many ways, fear and hate have infected the susceptible.  “Asian Americans report over 650 racist acts over last week. (NBC News 3/26/20)
       An Op-Ed in USA Today 3/20/20  by Andrew Yang, formerly a Presidential contender and Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League sounds an alarm. Some excerpts -

       “As the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic threatens to tax our public health systems, takes a toll on the economy  and upends nearly every aspect of our lives, there’s a serious risk that the compounding public anxiety around the virus could lead to the spread of another serious contagion: the scapegoating and blaming of Asian, Jewish and other minorities for this public health crisis.                                                                                       
        “In fact, the blame game already has started: We’ve seen politicians seeking to politicize the virus — decrying it as the “Wuhan virus”  for example, or suggesting that foreigners solely are responsible for spreading it; we’ve seen Asian Americans and Jewish Americans and other minority communities blamed for the pandemic; we’ve seen some pundits pointing the finger at prominent Jews as if the virus was the product of some conspiracy; and we’ve seen internet chatter from white supremacists suggesting the disease is spreading in America thanks to an influx of foreigners...While, fortunately, none of this has yet to enter the mainstream in a significant way, there’s now a serious risk that this kind of hateful rhetoric  and outright scapegoating of minorities  will take on a life of its own. We know from history that at times of real crisis in society, the voices of reason and logic can be drowned out by those who wish to spread hatred or sow discord…                              ”There have been posts on notoriously extremist-friendly platforms like Telegram, 4-Chan and Gab  linking the coronavirus to racist and antisemitic slurs and memes. Users across these channels regularly share racist messages or caricatures of Chinese people, mocking their eating habits, accents and hygiene. Posters on Telegram and 4chan appear to be cheering on the virus, hoping it will spread to predominately non-white countries.  It has also started to enter the mainstream, as political leaders and those in positions of influence have picked up on these themes. Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who has been tied to extremist groups lamented that no major media outlet has asked about ‘George Soros’s involvement in this FLU  panic. He is SOMEWHERE involved in this.’ ”  …     “While our top scientists, medical professionals, first responders and policymakers continue to develop and implement plans and rules to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, let’s do our part as a people and as a country to prevent hate and bigotry from becoming a side effect of the virus.”                              
        The Florida legislature adjourned in mid-March. No action on renewable energy or Death With Dignity bills and no action on banning assault weapons or any of the many gun safety bills.   Has anyone else received these unsolicited emails: “Carry a Gun Now. You Too Can Get Certified Online…” ?    Gun shops have been declared “essential” along with markets and pharmacies.  Gun sales are surging.    Who’s afraid of the NRA?                           Gov. DeSantis is still impeding implementation of Amendment 4  (approved in 2018, allowing ex-felons to vote) with an appeal to the U.S. District Court.  The Governor’s phone number is 850/488-7146.
         April 22 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  Youth activists are organizing 3 days of action and awareness of climate change and the need to come together to protect people and the planet.  You can back them with your calls and emails to city, state and federal government representatives.
         Relying on Republicans?  The EPA issued a sweeping suspension of its enforcement of environmental laws, telling companies they would not need to meet environmental standards during the coronavirus outbreak. (The Hill 3/26/20). Days after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered all restaurants to shift to take-out or delivery service, the state ordered all of its restaurant inspectors to stop routine examinations at thousands of Florida eateries. (Tampa Bay Times 3/27/20).                                                                                                                                 
         Secure your ability to vote by mail in the August local and November national elections - even if you decide you may not want to use it. Call 941/861-8618 and ask for a VBM ballot good through 2022 election.   
Norma Schatz
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The Campus Origins of Today’s Radical Right and the Crisis of American Democracy


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