Vote in Florida as a Snowbird

How to Vote in Florida even if You are a Snowbird


LBKDC_Logo_2.jpgDid you know that you can register to vote in Florida even if you do not spend six months and a day here? The so-called  183-day rule is one used by many states for taxation purposes -- but has nothing to do with voter registration in Florida.

Looking ahead to the critical election of 2020, your vote is likely to be much more important in Florida than in a so-called “blue” state:  Whoever wins Florida is likely to win the presidency.

If you own or rent property in Florida and intend to be a resident, you can register to vote here.  According to Florida law, what matters is where a person intends to make his or her permanent residence for purposes of voter registration.  You can be both a legal voting resident of Florida and a taxpaying resident of another state. (You must give up your right to vote in your alternate state.)

Here is what you need to do to register in Florida:

Complete the Florida Voter Registration Form, attached here, and mail it to the address for your county shown on the back of the form.

Question 5 - Provide the last four digits of your Social Security number, assuming you do not have a Florida Driver License or what is referred to as a Florida ID Card. (Most people don’t.)

Question 7 - “Address Where You Live” - Provide your Sarasota or Manatee address.

Question 8 - “Mailing Address” - State where you want the Voter Information Card sent.  The Supervisor of Elections (SOE) will mail your Voter Information Card to your preferred mailing address.

Question 9 - “Address Where You Were Last Registered to Vote” - Provide your most recent voting address so that the SOE can contact your previous jurisdiction to cancel your voter registration there.

To get your ballot mailed to you after you are registered, sign up to Vote by Mail.  In Sarasota County you may sign up to Vote by Mail at or call 941-861-8618. In Manatee, go to or call 941-741-3823, ext. 3. 

If you need more information, email Barbara Katz at

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Norma Schatz Democratic Letter

To Plymouth Harbor Democrats…and others who care              January, 2020

    The 2020 session of the Florida Legislature convenes on January14.  Over 3000 bills have been introduced in the state Senate or House;. Many have already been heard by one or more committees; some will move to a vote in both houses and the Governor’s signature and some will die along the way.  Issues include off shore drilling, immigration, abortion, guns.  You’ll read in the local newspaper about the more controversial bills. In between elections, your voice can be important. Sen.Joe Gruters and Rep. Will Robinson represent Plymouth Harbor residents in the Florida Legislature. Senate President Bill Galvano (850/487-5833) and House Speaker Jose Oliva (850/717-5110), both Republicans, are very much in control of the agenda. 

    Remember the overwhelming support for Amendment 4 in the 2018 election?  It was supposed to allow non-violent ex-felons to vote.   this from Nikki Fried, Agriculture Commissioner (and the only Democrat in the Florida Administration): “There are more than 10,000 people with non-violent felonies who served their time, on the waiting list to have their voting rights restored in Florida.  In the first year of our state’s new clemency board, almost every one of them remains disenfranchised.” Voted for Amendment 4? Call Gov. DeSantis  850-717-9337. 

    A well-educated population is important to the economy and to maintaining our democracy.The Florida Education Association is organizing a March on Tallahassee for January 13 in support of high quality education in a well-resourced public school, regardless of students’ zip codes.  Among the goals: more time for learning and less time spent on testing, more funding for mental health services, a qualified and diverse educator workforce, affordable college.  You don’t have to march to let our Florida legislators know that you support the teachers and their goals.

    The World Meteorological Organization Issued its annual report on the state of the global climate. Seas are warming and rising faster, putting more cities at risk of flooding, and glaciers are melting at a pace that many researchers didn’t expect for decades…This past decade will almost certainly be the warmest on record. Global coal consumption declined this year, but a surge in the use of oil and natural gas pushed greenhouse gas emissions to a new high.(NY Times Morning Briefing 12/4/19).
    With no basis in study and in total defiance of science with a mix of Obama-was-for-it-so-I’m-not, Trump is promoting “rolling back lightbulb regulations, ordering a study on low-flow toilets and turning bans on plastic straws into a campaign rallying cry” (Washington Post 12/12-19).  His total anti environment agenda includes lowering auto emission standards, supporting a new petrochemical plant producing plastics, attacking wind turbines and whole hearted support for the fossil fuel industry’s despoiling of our national parks and coastal waters with further oil and gas exploration. Science advisors have been replaced by fuel industry lobbyists.  According to the Environmental Defense Fund (10/8/19): The Trump Administration has made (yet another) dangerous move that pushes us all closer to the brink of the climate crisis: Trump’s EPA has finalized a proposal to eliminate crucial limits on how much methane - a powerful greenhouse gas - the oil and gas industry is allowed to release into the air.
     Among climate-related bills introduced in the House, the 100% Clean Economy Act of 2019, would set in law a nationwide goal of achieving a 100% clean energy economy by 2050 and would direct all federal agencies to use their existing authority to achieve the goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. (Sustainable Energy and Environmental Coalition 12/3/19)

Jan 7 - LBK Dem Club lunch: Bill Cotter on Racial & Political Gerrymandering in the Supreme     Court Sarasota Yacht Club, 11:30; reserve at
Jan 14 - Next Democratic Presidential Debate
Jan  18 - Women’s March on Washington
Jan 21 - Protect Our Public Schools -North Sarasota Library 6 p.m.on Community Partnerships.
    Let me know if you want to be off this list or if there are issues you’d like to hear more about.
    Norma H. Schatz…x360……T1501
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The Campus Origins of Today’s Radical Right and the Crisis of American Democracy


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LBKDC Luncheon Speakers - October 2019 through March 2020






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Some of the Jill Wine-Banks Addressed at the Special Luncheon Presentation

OJill_at_Podium_1.jpeg  Over 200 guests were present to hear Jill Wine-Banks talk about the corruption in the Trump Administration, the Mueller Report, or what our speaker calls "Trumpgate."  President Ken Marsh kicked off the luncheon by mentioning that Jill Wine-Banks would conclude this year's annual speaker series titled "Threats to our Democracy."  Next year's theme will be "The Politics of Science Denial."  Board member Bob Gary introduced Jill Wine-Banks who witnessed first hand the abuses to our freedoms of the Nixon White House that led to his impeachment.  She was a major player in the Watergate tapes hearing, cross-examining Rose Mary Woods, President Nixon’s secretary, about the 18½ minute gap in a key White House recording.  Her experiences and wisdom are as valuable today as they were in the 1970’s.  Bob informed us that Jill is writing her memoir, which may be turned into a film.  In addition to her key role in the Watergate investigation, Jill Wine-Banks is a respected legal analyst for MSNBC and former Executive Director of the American Bar Association.  

Why All the Lies and Attempts to Cover Up?

Jill Wine-Banks started out to applause by telling us that the House is going to subpoena the Mueller Report, which the public had not seen.  We do not even have an adequate summary of the investigation at the time of her presentation.  There was definitely intrusion into our elections by Russia. There are plenty of additional investigations ahead.  Lots of questions will need to be addressed and probably more indictments.  One of the overwhelming questions, "Why all the Lies."  Our speaker asked, "If nothing happened, why the lies?"  With regards to the Barr's 4 page summary that was released on March 24,  “How could Barr make the decision so quickly? It makes no sense. We need facts. Barr misled us in his four-page memo. He must know that eventually the truth will be coming out and he’s going to look like a fool.”  

Should There Be an Impeachment?

During the Nixon investigation impeachment resulted from high crimes and misdemeanors.  Anything that threatens our national security is an impeachment offense.  We know that Russia interfered into our elections.  The Barr summary concludes there was no collusion.  Even if Mueller concluded that there is no proof of conspiracy or criminal events, the exact extent of Trump's involvement is unknown.  Barr only had three weeks to reach his conclusion of a two-year investigation.  Mueller wants Congress to make the judgement about further action.  Jill Wine-Banks did not think that Congress should begin the impeachment process, but continue the fact-finding hearings to see whether impeachment should be pursued.  The issues that led to President Nixon's impeachment are very similar to those that President Trump has been accused of.

What Do We know that Establishes Obstruction and Collaboration? 

Although the report may not conclude that the President is guilty of conspiracy, it also does not exonerate him.  The Barr summary should not be taken as the final conclusion of either obstruction or conspiracy.  Barr did not have enough time to reach these conclusions.   Barr is being deliberately misleading in his four page summary, Jill Wine-Banks told us.  There are facts that should result in a finding of obstruction.  These include the firing of Sally Yates, the protection of Michael Flynn, and the firing of James Comey.  His threats to fire Mueller and his attacks on the media are acts of trying to obstruct justice.  There is lots of evidence that obstruction occurred.  The Don, Jr. meeting and the false statements of what that meeting was about are strong indications of collaboration with the Russians.  There is lots of evidence that there was some cooperation with Russia.  Mueller did not find criminal acts, but that sets the standard too low.  

What are Some of the Remaining Questions?  Will the Report be Redacted to meaninglessness?

We still need further investigation after the report.  We still need interviews with those involved the Russia interactions and the obstruction events.  We need public hearings that will bring all the facts forward and that will hopefully stimulate Republicans to take action.  The President should be held accountable for his actions, even if they technically did not break the law.  

What Can the Public Do?

We need to get out the vote and work to find a candidate that can defeat Trump.




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Mike Himowitz Presented on Threats to a Free Press

Former News Editor Mike Himowitz Spoke on Threats to our Free Press at the LBKDC March 12 Luncheon


Board Member Lucie Lapovsky introduced Mike Himowitz, who spent 34 years at the Baltimore Sun papers as state news editor, Washington correspondent, Baltimore County Bureau Chief,

Science, Medical and Technology editor and other positions.

Mike_Himowitz.jpgMike spoke to us on the topic of Roosevelt, Trump, Craigslist and the Media in Peril.  How do I dare mention Donald Trump and FDR in the same breath?” he asked.  Both understood the importance of new technology.  Roosevelt’s fireside chats were used to promote a radical agenda, The New Deal.  He spoke directly to the American people using radio.  Trump bypasses the traditional media and speaks directly to the American people by using Twitter.  Trump’s Twitter account has, according to CNN over 50 million followers.  Sadly, the traditional media feels obliged to repeat Trump’s Twitter rants regardless of how trivial some of them may be.  As the press criticizes Trump, it feeds on his paranoia.

“My sole credential is that I lived through the drastic changes that have transformed the media over the past few decades.  There have been many sad trends in news reporting. The market penetration of print media is much lower today than it was years ago.   “This has not been a good decade for reporters,” he told us.  There have been huge layoffs of reporters, and today’s reporters cannot get rich on a median salary that, as of 2017, is lower than school teachers who are underpaid.   When I began, the newspaper industry's profit margin was 40%, today it is 10%.   Market penetration of the print media has dropped drastically.  Large numbers of newspaper reporters have been laid off since 2007.  These sorry trends have occurred across our country.  From my own standpoint, he said, despite all of these stressors, I loved journalism because I got paid to satisfy my curiosity.

The Sun, like many other papers, was clueless with regards to the Internet. The internet, which has nurtured propaganda vehicles, has in many ways replaced the traditional news media.  We can now pick our news sources in the Cloud to support our biases.  Internet news has become an echo chamber host for propaganda machines, Fox News for Republicans and MSNBC for Democrats.  Millennials get much of their news from Facebook where there are no checks on accuracy.  Cable caused young people to begin to abandon print media in the 1980s.  Many print media sources have closed since the beginning of 2000.  The New York Daily News has laid off over half of its staff.  Companies that own both internet news sources and print news have sold off their print news.

In the old model, stories were written by experienced reporters and checked for accuracy by editors.  News reporting was separated from opinion columns.  This separation has increasingly been blurred and all but disappeared on the internet.  There is no way to totally eliminate bias from news reporting, but editors did their best to separate fact from opinion.  The free access to large volumes of shared information on the internet has nurtured malicious actors and fake news sites.  Today, anyone with a web address can become a publisher.  All of this has coarsened the quality of discussion and led to greatly heightened polarity in our political environment. And, it is easier for foreign countries to interfere in our politics.

Internet advertising services such as Craigslist, founded in 1996 by Craig Newmark, and eBay have also had a major negative impact on print media by replacing a primary source of revenue: classified ads.  Craiglist has 68 million users in the U.S.  Craigslist is free to most users.   

So, what’s left?  The largest print media newspapers are the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and New York Times.  Even these traditional news sources have cut their staffs and their profit margins are suffering. 

All this has made it more difficult for citizens to understand the reality of current politics and to evaluate the real performance of those that are elected to office.  The most disheartening aspect of all of this, Himowitz told us, is the dissolution of the boundary between news and opinion.  Even traditional newspapers, such as the Washington Post, have blurred the line between the two.   Although the traditional print media has faced its challenges for many decades, nothing compares with the drastic changes that have occurred over the past few decades, and especially the last decade.

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Organizing Corps 2020

Organizing Corps 2020 Program Overview:


Thank you for supporting the Florida Democratic Party’s Organizing Corps 2020 and our efforts to build the talent and infrastructure needed to win in 2020. Together we’re investing in the next generation of local and diverse staff for the 2020 general election and beyond.

  • CORE PROGRAM: The DNC, the Florida Democratic Party and 6 other state Democratic parties, in partnership with 270 Strategies and The Collective PAC, have launched Organizing Corps 2020 —a new program, starting in 2019, focused on recruiting, paying, and training young people, especially people of color, to work on the 2020 presidential cycle!
  • APPLICATIONS: We are accepting applications on a rolling basis through April 8, and students can apply at
  • KEY DATES: June 10-August 2, and the program includes: a five-day national training kick-off followed by Corps members working with their local Democratic party to turn their training into on-the-ground learning through voter engagement.
  • PAY: Corps members can earn $4,000 while gaining valuable career skills in leadership, project management, and communication.
  • GOALS: Train 1,000 Corps members over the next year to join the team of the eventual Democratic presidential nominee and help elect Democrats up and down the ticket in 2020. Our first wave of the program targets college juniors this summer. We plan on running the second wave of this program for non-college students next year.

How You Can Help:


Below are the key things you can do to help us recruit corps members.


  • SHARE OUR FLYER to local colleges and youth groups.
    • Sample language: We are excited about Organizing Corps 2020, a program to recruit and train students and place them as field organizers in the key states needed to win in 2020!
    • Printable bulletin board flyer:

      Click to Download: Bulletin Board Flyer
  • AMPLIFY us on social media using @orgcorps2020 on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
    • Sample Twitter content: If we want to beat Trump in 2020, we’ve got to build the infrastructure now to win — apply to @fladems @orgcorps2020! They will train and pay the next generation of organizers. Apply and RT so your friends will too! #oc2020 #democrats
    • Sample Facebook content: Calling all Florida college juniors: Do you want to help Democrats take back the White House in 2020? Apply for Organizing Corps 2020, our new program that recruits, trains, and pays young organizers. Learn more here:  
    • See all of the sample social media content at the top of this page.
  • RECRUIT other amplifiers to help spread the word and make sure as many people as possible know about this opportunity and apply here:
  • RECOMMEND students who have already applied by emailing


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Foreign policy expert, Gary Massel, presents at our February 12 luncheon

Gary_Massel_2.pngOur large attendance at the February 12 LBKDC luncheon enjoyed a timely and stimulating presentation on the Rise of Populism by Gary Massel.   Board member Robert Gary introduced Massel, who has a Ph.D in Physics, and held various high level positions in the federal government Departments of Health and Human Services and Defense before a successful career in private industry.   In the early 1970s he was a member of the first Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT) support staff. He currently teaches foreign policy at the LBK Education Center.

Gary Massel started by describing a “Populist” as a political leader who sees society in a simple way, divided into two opposing groups - the common people, and the corrupt “liberal elite”. The Populist leader claims to represent the will of the people.  Massel told us that the rise of populism poses a threat to the world order that has existed since World War II and has produced significant gains in economic growth, reductions in global poverty, and peace between the major powers. 

So, what are the principal drivers of the growth of populism and how does the current U.S. administration compare with other populist governments?

There are two types of democracy, liberal and illiberal.  In a liberal democracy citizens choose their government and that government guarantees the protection of individual rights as is enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.  In an illiberal democracy citizens choose their government, but that government does not then support the institutions and personal freedoms that ensure the government remains responsive to the people. 

Read more
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Important Gun Bills in Florida Legislature


State Gun Control

The 2019 session of the Florida Legislature starts today. Continue to call your representatives and ask them to support HR135, the state background check bill.

Nation Gun Control
Last week was huge for gun violence prevention, with the House passing both the Background Check Bill (HR8) and the Charleston Loophole Bill (HR1112). Rep. Vern Buchanan did not vote in favor of the latter, but we continue to encourage you to thank him for being one of eight Republicans who crossed the aisle and voted in favor of HR8. His contact numbers are (941) 951-6643 in Sarasota, (941) 747-9081 in Bradenton and (202) 225-5015 in Washington. Rep. Greg Steube voted “no” on both bills, so if you’d like to tell him you disapprove, his numbers are (941) 575-9101 in Punta Gorda and (202) 225-5792 in Washington.
Now, on to the Senate, where you are encouraged to call three people and tell them you back S42, the Senate version of the background check bill: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has said he will not bring the bills to the floor; and our two Florida senators, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott. Remind them that there have been far too many mass shootings, single homicides, accidental shootings and suicides in this country and background checks are bound to stop some of them. While you’re at it, thank Sen. Rubio for filing a bill for national ERPOs (extreme risk prevention orders) on the national level. And tell McConnell that 97 percent of Americans support background checks and he owes it to all of us to let the bill be heard.
McConnell’s DC office: (202) 224-2541 (you can also contact him by going to
Rubio’s DC office: (202) 224-304. His Tampa office: (813) 853-1099.
Scott’s DC Office: (202) 224-5274. His Tallahassee office: (850) 942-8415

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Futurist David Houle Presented a Vision for the Democratic Party at our January 8 Luncheon

David_Houle_3.pngBoard member Robert Gary introduced David Houle, by quoting Spanish educator Miguel de Unamuno who said, “We should try to be the parents of our future rather than the offspring of our past.” Known as The CEO’s Futurist, our speaker has spoken to or advised 4,000+ CEOs and business owners in the past eleven years, and has published several books including Entering the Shift Age and The New Health Age.

Given our unease with the Trump Administration, our uncertainty as to who should lead our party going into the 2020 election, and the issues that we should emphasize, Houle’s presentation, “A Look at the Future of the Democratic Party Through the 2020 Election and Beyond” was eagerly anticipated by an overflow crowd.

“I am a Democrat, I grew up in Chicago with a love of politics and early-on was smitten with John F. Kennedy.”   Houle became a futurist in 2007 after a successful 20-year career in the media and entertainment, working at NBC, CBS,  MTV, Nickelodeon, and CNN Headline News.

He predicted that the Democratic Party on a national level is set-up to be dominant through 2028 provided that we do not become preoccupied with the past including the 2018 elections. The Republican Party is focused on the past and obstructionism.  Democrats must convince the public that their leaders can deal with enormous challenges that lay ahead.

Forecasting who our Presidential candidate will be at this point is a “fools errand”.  Who would have predicted, for example, well before the 2008 convention, that Senator Barack Obama, a black man, with little experience, and with a Muslim name, would be the 2008 candidate for the Democrats?

The Democratic Party should stay away from attacking Donald Trump, which Houle referred to as “small ball.”  He quoted Wayne Gretzky who, when asked why he was the greatest hockey player in history answered: “I skate to where the puck is going to be.”

We need to rethink what it means to be Progressive. Democrats should focus on the issues that will be critical in 2020, 2022 and 2024.  To do this we must be analytical, disciplined and prepared to take risks.   For example, despite our preoccupation with a growing aging population, the youth vote is critical.  By 2020 millennials will be a large part of the electorate, and thus demographics favor the Democrats if we can get the youth vote to the polls.  Houle told us that the 18-34 age-group voter turnout was very high in those states where marijuana legalization was on the ballot.

Our global economy is fragile and will continue to be so going into the next election and beyond. There is $270 trillion in debt in the global economy, which is larger than it was in 2008, before the last major recession.  The voting public is and will continue to be very sensitive to economic issues.  Voters will be looking for a candidate who they trust to turn around a recession, should one occur.   

The Democratic Party does not have a clear position on immigration, a huge challenge worldwide.  A position based on “We are a nation of immigrants” is not sufficient.  By 2025 immigration will be much greater than it is today, stimulated by world climate problems, population growth and conflicts between nations.  Houle asked, “How would we deal with five to ten million climate change refugees?”  Climate change refugees from Syria have already flocked into North America and Europe. As the numbers of immigrants grow, will we continue to be a nation open to immigrants?  We must have immigration laws that reflect this future reality.  The development of these laws will not be easy and voters are likely to be very divided on the solutions.

So, which of our candidates is prepared to deal with the global economy, geopolitical challenges, health care, climate change and  the myriad of problems facing our nation and the world over the next decade?  Who is prepared to take on the international "bad dudes" such as exist in China, Iran, North Korea and Russia?  Democrats should be the party to begin the discussion of 21st century thought. The Republicans are not prepared to do this.

Going forward, the Democrats must be The Vision Party.

Information about Futurist David Houle


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