Manatee Democratic Party booth at the 2019 Manatee County Fair

The Manatee County Fair is a great opportunity to raise awareness locally and help interested voters connect with the Democratic party. The Manatee Democratic Party is looking for volunteers to take responsibility for staffing the booth for at least one day during the Fair. 

The fair runs from the Jan. 17 to the 27th. The hours vary by day, but are listed below.  
Please contact me if you are able help.
Matt (Coleman) Lepinski
I have provided a link here to the Google Docs sheet that shows who is handling each day at the Fair.
Jan. 17 5pm - 10pm
Jan. 18 5pm - 10pm
Jan. 19 Noon - 10pm
Jan. 20 Noon - 10pm
Jan. 21 Noon - 10pm
Jan. 22 5pm - 10pm
Jan. 23 Noon - 10pm
Jan. 24 5pm - 10pm
Jan. 25 5pm - 10pm
Jan. 26 Noon - 10pm
Jan. 27

Noon - 7pm

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