Norma Schatz Democratic Letter

To Plymouth Harbor Democrats…and others who care              January, 2020

    The 2020 session of the Florida Legislature convenes on January14.  Over 3000 bills have been introduced in the state Senate or House;. Many have already been heard by one or more committees; some will move to a vote in both houses and the Governor’s signature and some will die along the way.  Issues include off shore drilling, immigration, abortion, guns.  You’ll read in the local newspaper about the more controversial bills. In between elections, your voice can be important. Sen.Joe Gruters and Rep. Will Robinson represent Plymouth Harbor residents in the Florida Legislature. Senate President Bill Galvano (850/487-5833) and House Speaker Jose Oliva (850/717-5110), both Republicans, are very much in control of the agenda. 

    Remember the overwhelming support for Amendment 4 in the 2018 election?  It was supposed to allow non-violent ex-felons to vote.   this from Nikki Fried, Agriculture Commissioner (and the only Democrat in the Florida Administration): “There are more than 10,000 people with non-violent felonies who served their time, on the waiting list to have their voting rights restored in Florida.  In the first year of our state’s new clemency board, almost every one of them remains disenfranchised.” Voted for Amendment 4? Call Gov. DeSantis  850-717-9337. 

    A well-educated population is important to the economy and to maintaining our democracy.The Florida Education Association is organizing a March on Tallahassee for January 13 in support of high quality education in a well-resourced public school, regardless of students’ zip codes.  Among the goals: more time for learning and less time spent on testing, more funding for mental health services, a qualified and diverse educator workforce, affordable college.  You don’t have to march to let our Florida legislators know that you support the teachers and their goals.

    The World Meteorological Organization Issued its annual report on the state of the global climate. Seas are warming and rising faster, putting more cities at risk of flooding, and glaciers are melting at a pace that many researchers didn’t expect for decades…This past decade will almost certainly be the warmest on record. Global coal consumption declined this year, but a surge in the use of oil and natural gas pushed greenhouse gas emissions to a new high.(NY Times Morning Briefing 12/4/19).
    With no basis in study and in total defiance of science with a mix of Obama-was-for-it-so-I’m-not, Trump is promoting “rolling back lightbulb regulations, ordering a study on low-flow toilets and turning bans on plastic straws into a campaign rallying cry” (Washington Post 12/12-19).  His total anti environment agenda includes lowering auto emission standards, supporting a new petrochemical plant producing plastics, attacking wind turbines and whole hearted support for the fossil fuel industry’s despoiling of our national parks and coastal waters with further oil and gas exploration. Science advisors have been replaced by fuel industry lobbyists.  According to the Environmental Defense Fund (10/8/19): The Trump Administration has made (yet another) dangerous move that pushes us all closer to the brink of the climate crisis: Trump’s EPA has finalized a proposal to eliminate crucial limits on how much methane - a powerful greenhouse gas - the oil and gas industry is allowed to release into the air.
     Among climate-related bills introduced in the House, the 100% Clean Economy Act of 2019, would set in law a nationwide goal of achieving a 100% clean energy economy by 2050 and would direct all federal agencies to use their existing authority to achieve the goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. (Sustainable Energy and Environmental Coalition 12/3/19)

Jan 7 - LBK Dem Club lunch: Bill Cotter on Racial & Political Gerrymandering in the Supreme     Court Sarasota Yacht Club, 11:30; reserve at
Jan 14 - Next Democratic Presidential Debate
Jan  18 - Women’s March on Washington
Jan 21 - Protect Our Public Schools -North Sarasota Library 6 p.m.on Community Partnerships.
    Let me know if you want to be off this list or if there are issues you’d like to hear more about.
    Norma H. Schatz…x360……T1501

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