Norma Schatz May 2020 Letter

To Plymouth Harbor Democrats...and others who care:                                May, 2020    

     Two elections coming up this year.  In addition to the November 3rd State and Federal election, August 18 is the date for local election for members of the Sarasota Country School Board,  Sarasota City Commissioners and County Commission (for which district lines are currently in dispute). Be sure to have requested your Vote By Mail ballot from the Supervisor of Elections: 941/861-8618 or  While you don't have to use your VBM ballot, not only does Covid-19 continue to be a potential interference but these elections are in hurricane season.  

     Your signature verifies your ballot.  If your signature has changed (a tremor or injury, or it just varies), request and return a new voter registration application from the Supervisor of Elections.  It's a good idea to make and keep a copy of the signature you use.   
     To support Margaret Good for U.S. Congress District 16 against Vern Buchanan go to    For volunteering to help the local Democratic party:
     In Florida… Gov. DeSantis signed a bill making it more difficult to get  citizens’ initiatives on the ballot, adding more requirements for gathering voter signatures. The bill passed the GOP-led Legislature along partisan lines, Democrats opposed.  Republicans again opposed expanding Medicaid that would have afforded 800,000 Floridians’ access to health care. As of mid-April, Florida lagged behind 21 other states in coronavirus testing.
     In Washington…confusion continues in dealing with Covid-19. Dr. Trump provided dangerous podium proscriptions. The man tapped by HHS Sec’y Azar for coronavirus response is a former dog breeder with no medical or public health experience, and the FDA has failed to validate many of the needed coronavirus tests.
With more than a  million cases and 60,000 deaths, Trump is turning over responsibility to the states and Jared
Kushner claims the federal government response to the challenge “is a great success”.    

How our lives and activities have changed!  The news is very much concerned – as it should be – with the coronavirus.   Less attention is being given, unfortunately,  to some actions of  the Executive branch.       

     Anything here bother/interest you enough to make a call or send an email?  And surely vote for change.

     The US Postal Service is in real jeopardy.  Democrats in Congress want more money for it, especially with the importance of voting by mail. Trump opposes help for the Post Office and Republicans have long wanted  private corporations to take it over.     
     At a town hall meeting broadcast by FOX News recently, President Trump said “We'll be cutting entitlements like Medicare and Social Security” His 2021 budget also includes cuts for CDC and NIH.
     The Dept  of Justice is still fighting the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) in court. President Trump has refused to extend the enrollment period to assist those who are now without health care.
     The EPA plans to devalue the importance of science and research when weighted with economic considerations.  Another cancer-linked pesticide that can drift and contaminate groundwater was approved and fuel efficiency standards have been lowered.  Yet another gift to polluters: Covid-19 is being used by the EPA to announce that they would not be actively enforcing environmental protections for the duration of the crisis.

     The Dept of the Interior has continued to lease huge swaths of public lands to oil and gas interests and to mining; the reopening of our coastal waters to more oil exploration (and spills) is on hold, not dead.

     Trump has made one of his signature defense priorities building Gateway Nukes - nuclear weapons seen as “more usable” in conventional wars if the president decides it’s ok to use them.  The administration has  also lifted the United States prohibition against the used of landmines. 

     Trump has eliminated independent oversight over the Coronavirus relief funds.; there is limited public information on where business grants were going.  Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has $500 Billion in corporate relief money to sprinkle on friends, family and Trump donors.    Sen. Rubio 202/224-3041; Sen, Scott 202/224-5274; Rep, Buchanan 941/951-6643 or email them. "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”Alice Walker.  

Norma Schatz
[email protected]

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