Norma Schatz September 2020 Newsletter

To Plymouth Harbor Residents…and others who care                                         September 2020                                       

The nitty gritty on the November 3rd election -

        Vote by Mail ballots are going to be sent out the week of September 21st. Note: They are not forwarded.  There’s much to be filled out - Biden-Harris, of course. And let’s send Margaret Good to Congress from Florida’s 16th District to replace Vern Buchanan.  Democrat candidates for the Florida legislature are Andy Mele for the state House District 71 and Katherine Norman for the state Senate District 23.  You can find out more about these fine candidates and donate if you want to at   <[email protected]>, <> and <>.

        And then there are six Amendments to the Florida constitution for you to vote on; amendments 1 through 4 were proposed by different citizen groups, 5 and 6 by the state legislature. (Unfortunately
a proposed amendment banning assault weapons was rejected by the court because of wording. )
Am’t 1 - Only U.S. citizens, permanent residents of Florida, will be qualified to vote.
Am’t 2 - Raising Florida’s minimum wage to $10 an hour in Sept. 2021, then by $1 an hour each year
to $15 an hour on Sept 30, 2026. (Florida’s current minimum wage is $8.46 an hour.)
Am’t 3 - Voters, regardless of party affiliation, vote in primaries for all candidates for state legislature, governor and cabinet regardless of candidates’ party,  The two highest vote getters advance to the general election. If only two candidates qualify or an office, there is no primary and the winner is decided in the general election. (This is a major change in the election process.)
Am’t 4 - Requires all proposed amendments or revisions to the state constitution to be approved by voters in two elections, instead of one. (While many proposals could or should be laws, constitutional
amendments give citizens an opportunity to have a voice.  This amendment makes it more difficult.)
Am’t 5 - Limitation on Homestead Assessments changes from two to three years benefit transfer.
Am’t 6 - Ad Valorem Tax Discount for Spouses of Certain Deceased Veterans Who Had Permanent, Combat-Related Disabilities makes some changes to current practice.
        Remember to send in your VBM ballot early, properly marked, the envelope signed and with
a 55 cent stamp - unless you take it  or someone takes it for you - to the Supervisor of Elections office. After mailing your ballot you can go to www.sarasota, then to Track My Florida Ballot. (FYI - The reason for mailing your ballot early: 59 mail sorting machines have been removed from Florida by Trump’s Postmaster General DeJoy, more than from any other state.)

        Interested in being a much needed Poll Watcher on election day?  Call Barbara Katz at 703/768-3488 or email <[email protected]> for information (and no obligation).  If you speak Spanish, you could be particularly helpful. Call Dem HQ at 941/330-9400 about volunteering.   Do you have children or grandchildren 18-35.? That's the group that's being targeted to be sure they know how to – and then get -Vote By Mail ballots  and then fill them out and mail them or go to their polling place and vote.

        Sept 8   - LBK Dem Club Web meeting, 12 noon, with Ron Turner, Supervisor of Elections on voting questions and Joanne DeVries and Tracy Pratt on upcoming races. For info:
        Sept 10  - Zoom event to meet Andy Mele; 5 p.m.  Info at <[email protected]>
        Sept 17 - Margaret Good virtual event on Climate.  Info or RSVP: [email protected]   
        Sept 23 - Fundraiser event for Margaret Good  for Precincts 213 and 109.     
        Sept 29 - The first Trump-Biden debate at Case Western Reserve, Cleveland at 9 p.m. Two more Presidential debates are scheduled and one Pence-Harris VP debate on Oct. 7.

        The Republicans have opted for no platform, only for Trump’s agenda of the moment.  For the
Democratic platform, go to <>.
        This election season will get nastier with much misinformation, distortion and outright lies. You can fact check (or challenge your Trumpster friends to) at  slopes/com,, or,   
        For a better America…better for ALL…vote…vote Democrat.
        Norma H. Schatz…ext 360…T 1501…[email protected]

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