Norma Schatz September Democratic Letter

To Plymouth Harbor Democrats…and others who care                September 2019

    The President has backed off “meaningful” federal gun safety legislation and is back in the arms of the NRA. Public pressure should be kept on Mitch McConnell and our Republican Senators to vote for background checks to include gun shows, internet and private sales, for red flag/extreme risk legislation (Florida has a red flag law), for a ban on military-style weapons and large capacity magazines. Calls and emails to McConnell, Rubio and Scott are encouraged.  Meanwhile, in case Congress does not pass federal legislation, signatures are needed to get an amendment banning assault weapons in Florida on the 2020 ballot. You can download the petition at  Print, sign and return to the sponsor.

    Your government at work:

    Several cases before the Supreme Court will decide whether the law prohibiting discrimination “because of sex” includes sexual orientation. Trump’s Justice Dept is seeking to legalize discrimination in the workplace against LGBTQ and transgender people. One of the cases is supported by a group of 8 Republican Senators and 40 R Congressmen.
    The Dept of Labor proposes giving companies the option of claiming religious beliefs related to hiring or firing anyone about whom they have a religious opinion - a different religious, LGBTQ, pregnant and unmarried, having had an abortion. This in addition to the Dept of Health and Human Services allowing health care providers to refuse serving those not conforming to their religious beliefs.
    Title X is the only federally funded family planning program; by law its funds may not be used for, and must be accounted for separately from, abortion services. The new Trump/HHS gag rule denies funding to any health care provider that refers for or even talks about abortion or to any facility that shares a building or organization with an abortion provider Millions of low-income, uninsured and/or young women (and some men) dependent on Planned Parenthood will no longer be able to access this program for contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer screening and other health services until this gag rule is overturned by Congress or the Courts. A House appropriations bill authorizes funding for Title X and blocks enforcement of the domestic gag rule. Will Senators Rubio and Scott vote yes?
    A message from the US Citizenship and Immigration Service confused parents of children born to Americans living/working abroad, non-citizen members of our military, and legal permanent residents, as to whether they can be considered U.S. citizens. While not many children, it is said, will be affected, is it the beginning of Trump’s chiseling away at Birthright Citizenship (provided for in the Constitution’s 14th amendment).
    Newly targeted are families in the US with children being treated for medical conditions. Although they had been given medical deferrals, they now have been given 33 days to return to their home countries.
    Now that popular opinion opposed the separation of immigrant children from parents, the 20-day limit for holding children is being replaced by unlimited family detention.
    Are there any people (or endangered animals, for that matter) that this Trump administration has not attacked…except, perhaps, white supremacists, Putin and Kim Jong-un?


September 9 – Congress reconvenes. Watch for some fireworks over appropriations. House and Senate (not to mention the President) must agree on a federal budget for 2020.

September 12 - The next Presidential Debate.
September 20th, led by young people concerned about their future, millions of people of all ages around the world will walk out of their classes, jobs, and homes as part of a Global Climate Strike. Even if you can’t march or wave a sign, it’s time to let our members of Congress hear that Climate Change is a major concern and, relying less on fossil fuels, we must move toward a renewable energy economy.

And, of course, let me know if you want to be taken off this mailing list.

Norma H. Schatz 1501

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