President Biden: Vaccination Hero

In a recent letter to the editor of the Longboat Observer, LBK Democratic Club Board member Michael Boorstein responded to editor Matt Walsh’s highly objectionable opinion piece about President Biden’s vaccine mandates.

In the September 16, 2021, edition of the Longboat Observer, Editor Matt Walsh published an opinion piece entitled "Hey Joe: Take Your Mandate and Shove It."

It was over the top with vitriolic language, disrespect for our president, and factual errors. See the entire piece HERE.

I submitted a Letter to the Editor with my views on Walsh’s piece, and it was published in the September 23, 2021, edition. You can find it HERE.

Building on that exchange, and cutting through all the rhetoric, here are the facts surrounding the Biden Administration and its Covid-19 response to wrest the country from the grip of the pandemic and return to economic and personal well-being.

On July 29, 2021, President Biden announced sweeping requirements for both vaccinations and mask wearing that impact 40 million Americans: four million Federal workers and contractors, uniformed military, and 17 million medical personnel at Medicare and Medicaid supported hospitals. It also empowers the Occupational Health and Safety Agency (OSHA) to inspect all businesses with over 100 employees to ensure compliance with vaccine and mask-wearing requirements.

On vaccines, as of late last week, 55.6% of all Americans aged 18 and above have been fully vaccinated. That is encouraging, but when ranked by state it also reflects the clear divide between Red and Blue. The top 20 states in vaccination rates (including the District of Columbia) above this level show that fully vaccinated adults (except for Florida) all voted for Joe Biden. The 21 states with rates below 55.6% vaccination rate all voted for Donald Trump. The 10 states in the middle were a mix of red and blue states. (Source: Johns Hopkins).

Looking at the world, comparisons are also telling. In the European Union, 72.5% reported their countries were fully vaccinated. Only four countries (Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Latvia) were below the US percentage, while the 27 others were above this average. In the world, the US ranks 17th in overall vaccination rate.

The pushback to the July announcement has been swift from Red State governors, but so far, the legal challenges have not overturned any of these provisions. A blatant act defying mask-wearing mandates by a restaurant owner in Texas has been reported by USA Today. See Masks Off at Dallas Restaurant. In those states that have embraced the administration’s efforts with their own, the rates of infection, hospitalization and deaths are dropping. Where states actively resist these recommended changes, the pandemic drags on.

We need to tell everyone that where measures are taken – vaccines and mask-wearing – the incidence of Covid-19 declines. The science is clear.

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