LBKDC Endorses Three School Board Candidates

Updated: Jul 19

If you are a Sarasota voter, on August 23 you can protect justice, equity, and opportunity in our public schools.

Three of the five seats on the Sarasota County School Board will be on your ballot. It is critical that we reject the right-wing extremists who wish to severely limit what our teachers can teach and our students can learn.

The Board of Directors of the Longboat Key Democratic Club urges you to vote for Nora Cietek, Lauren Kurnov, and Dawnyelle Singleton on August 23. You may vote for all three.

Here’s why:

Nora Cietek - This year has been a challenge for education and that is why I decided to wade into these troubled waters. I come from a strong family that taught me the importance of family, responsibility and love of service. My father was a WWII veteran and my mother was a school bus driver. They taught me that serving the community is not only a responsibility but a privilege.

I have served my entire 30-year career in education -- as a Special Education teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal, and the Assistant Director of Special Education. Now I want to serve our community as your school board member. I bring rare insight into how children learn and how a district can help them achieve their dreams. I will focus on the mental health climate, supporting students and teachers, bridging the gap between parents and teachers.

Lauren Kurnov - I am a Sarasota native, and the proud mother of two children who currently attend Sarasota County Public Schools. My career as an education professional and my Doctorate of Education (Ed.D) degree have given me the skills, knowledge, and experiences to cut through the noise and do the work needed to set our students up for successful futures, engage parents and community members as partners, support and retain our teachers, and keep our public schools among the best in the state.

I am committed to running a positive, no-nonsense campaign that focuses solely on the success of our schools. Sarasota families, teachers, and students can count on me to put them first because their priorities are my priorities. I know that we can have a dialogue and find solutions to our differing opinions because, at the end of the day, our kids’ success is our shared goal.

Dawnyelle Singleton - Sarasota voters should vote for me because I have had a career working with students in education in our community. As a native of Sarasota and a proud product of the Sarasota County School System, I believe in and support public school education.

Right now, public schools, our teachers, and support staff are under attack. Currently, culture war laws are being passed and marginalized groups are the focus. I want to protect the future of public schools and ensure that every child in Sarasota County has access to the highest quality public schools.

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