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The Florida House and Senate are now considering a number of bills that are priorities for Democrats.

Please contact your legislators this week and voice your opposition

to these bills.

The following may be ready for a floor vote this week.

  • HB 543, SB 150 Public Safety - the permitless concealed carry carry gun bill that will allow anyone over 18 to carry a concealed weapon

  • HB 1 The Expanded School Voucher program - the bill that will divert money from our A rated public schools to private schools and home schools with little oversight - allowing millionaires to access taxpayer dollars for private education

  • HB 837 Civil Remedies - the expansive bill that will save negligent corporations millions of dollars while making it harder for victims to seek justice

  • HB 225 Interscholastic and Intrascholastic Activities - the bill that wants to give DeSantis total control over the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) so they can keep track of female athlete’s personal menstrual records

Please Contact Your Legislators!

Tell them you are opposed to these bills.

Sarasota County Legislative Delegation

James Buchanan (R-H74)


Michael Grant (R-H75)


Fiona McFarland (R-H73)


Joe Gruters (R-S22)


Manatee County Legislative Delegation

Mike Beltran (R-H70)

(850) 717-5070

Will Robinson, Jr. (R-H71)

(850) 717-5071

Tommy Gregory (R-H72)

(850) 717-5072

Jim Boyd (R-S20)

(850) 487-5020

Joe Gruters (R-S22)


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