Miracle on the Key

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

An Urgent Call to Action by Leaders of

the Republican Club of Longboat Key and the Longboat Key Democratic Club.

We have put country before party.

Join us in ending divisive politics.

Over the past several months four members each from the Democratic and Republican Clubs have come together to engage in thoughtful dialogue. As we put aside divisions, we discovered that we have many beliefs in common including mutual respect, equal opportunity, nondiscrimination, nonviolence, personal responsibility, and truthfulness. Above all, we share a love of country and a strong desire to make our nation better for our grandchildren.

Instead of fostering polarization and partisanship, let’s embrace our differences, work for consensus where we can, and show our elected leaders that civil conversation makes change possible. Change is necessary if we are to solve America’s pressing domestic and global problems, among them the economy, social justice, trade, immigration, the environment, law enforcement, maintaining safety and security, human rights, and a strong military.

In the spirit of hope, we encourage our fellow citizens – as well as our elected representatives – to open constructive discussions with those whose viewpoints may differ from ours.

Please! Take personal responsibility. Here are five steps you can take now:

1. Pick an issue. Examine your assumptions about those who don’t agree with you.

2. Reach out to someone who is “on the other side of the aisle.” Chat. Listen.

3. Consider where you get your facts. Read broadly and differently.

4. Set an example. Stop someone who is speaking in a divisive or hateful way.

5. Contact your elected officials. Tell them the polarization must end.

Our form of government has served us well for nearly 250 years, but its long-term success and survival depend on the involvement of its citizens (that’s us) to vote, to be engaged constructively, and to keep us all safe, free, and prosperous.

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