Miracle on the Key Garners Media Attention in Both Sarasota and Bradenton

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

On Sunday, November 21, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune provided excellent coverage of our very own Miracle on the Key. Read the article here. (Our apologies: if not a Herald subscriber, you may hit a paywall.)

And on Wednesday, November 24, the Bradenton Herald featured a front-page story about it. Read this article here.

Created by the Longboat Key Democratic Club and the Republican Club of Longboat Key, this extraordinary project is aimed at no less than securing the survival of our democracy.

By engaging in thoughtful dialogue, recognizing mutually held beliefs, and embracing differences, four leaders from each club are demonstrating in an ongoing process that civil conversation is the only viable path for solving America’s pressing domestic and global problems. Their hope is that our elected officials -- as well as other citizens -- will take notice of this effort and follow suit.

For more information about the Miracle on the Key project, please contact Francine Achbar at or 617.699.3949.

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