Right-Wingers Aim To Disrupt School Board

Updated: May 13

The endgame of the Trump-enabled far-right wing destruction of America is on display at every Sarasota County School Board meeting. Come to a meeting, if you have the stomach for it, but be prepared to ruin your evening and lose your faith in humanity (“School meeting ends abruptly,” May 4).

See two board members, Bridget Ziegler and Karen Rose, inciters and enablers of the radical fringe, sit smugly while the other members struggle to maintain a semblance of functionality under the onslaught.

Hear the crowd repeatedly click their noisemakers and shout random inanities at board members (“Groomer!” “Degenerate!”) and hear obviously unstable folks preach and pray. Hear these parents proclaim that their “First Amendment rights” are violated when they are not allowed to derail the business meeting.

Never heard of Robert’s Rules? There is no right to subvert. But they don’t care. They are there precisely to disrupt. They proclaim they are Christians, but they are just plain mean. Horrifyingly, these parents are role models for their children, our next generation. American carnage is here.

But so is a School Board election, with three seats up for grabs Aug. 23. This election may spell the end of public education.

Your tax dollars may soon be funding radical right-wing schools. Wake up!

Letter to the Editor of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, May 8, 2022, by Louise Machinist

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