Voter Suppression Bill Passes Florida Senate and House

Like all who stand for fairness and justice, the Longboat Key Democratic Club leadership is deeply dismayed that both houses of the Florida legislature have passed Senate Bill 90. Our Republican governor is poised to sign it. Read more details HERE.

This deplorable and unnecessary law will severely limit access to voting, particularly by mail. Further, we are disappointed that Florida’s business community (unlike Georgia’s) has offered no opposition to the measure by way of boycott or sanction.

We do express our appreciation for our Democratic legislators, all of whom fought this legislation, as well as State Senator Jeff Brandes, Republican representing the Pinellas County area, the only member of his party to vote against the bill. 

This fall, let’s redouble our efforts to register voters and make sure they understand every option for casting their votes. We’ll get out the Democratic vote one way or the other!

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  • Howard Veit