Trumping Justice



Trumping Justice, Truth, and Our Democracy

                 How Far Has the Bar Fallen?

   A Talk by Former Justice Department Attorney Robert Gary


Does our President now have boundless powers?  Is he above the law?  What damage has he inflicted on our justice system?  Former U.S. Department of Justice Attorney Robert Gary will speak on the implications of Harvard professor Allan Dershowitz’s outrageous assertion at the impeachment trial that if a President believes that he is indispensable for the security of the U.S.A., then he has the right to use any means to remain in office.  Such a policy would allow the President to force our justice system as well as foreign powers to work on his behalf. 


Mr. Gary received a personal commendation from the Director of the FBI for his trial performance and was awarded the U.S. Department of Justice Special Achievement Award for superior performance by the U.S. Attorney General.



         Sponsored by Sarasota Stands Together 

                 An Indivisible Group


  When:  Tuesday March 10,  6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Where:  Selby Library Auditorium at 1331 1st St.

             Sarasota, Florida, 34236

                 Refreshments and Networking

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