Vote in Florida as a Snowbird

How to Vote in Florida even if You are a Snowbird


LBKDC_Logo_2.jpgDid you know that you can register to vote in Florida even if you do not spend six months and a day here? The so-called  183-day rule is one used by many states for taxation purposes -- but has nothing to do with voter registration in Florida.

Looking ahead to the critical election of 2020, your vote is likely to be much more important in Florida than in a so-called “blue” state:  Whoever wins Florida is likely to win the presidency.

If you own or rent property in Florida and intend to be a resident, you can register to vote here.  According to Florida law, what matters is where a person intends to make his or her permanent residence for purposes of voter registration.  You can be both a legal voting resident of Florida and a taxpaying resident of another state. (You must give up your right to vote in your alternate state.)

Here is what you need to do to register in Florida:

Complete the Florida Voter Registration Form, attached here, and mail it to the address for your county shown on the back of the form.

Question 5 - Provide the last four digits of your Social Security number, assuming you do not have a Florida Driver License or what is referred to as a Florida ID Card. (Most people don’t.)

Question 7 - “Address Where You Live” - Provide your Sarasota or Manatee address.

Question 8 - “Mailing Address” - State where you want the Voter Information Card sent.  The Supervisor of Elections (SOE) will mail your Voter Information Card to your preferred mailing address.

Question 9 - “Address Where You Were Last Registered to Vote” - Provide your most recent voting address so that the SOE can contact your previous jurisdiction to cancel your voter registration there.

To get your ballot mailed to you after you are registered, sign up to Vote by Mail.  In Sarasota County you may sign up to Vote by Mail at or call 941-861-8618. In Manatee, go to or call 941-741-3823, ext. 3. 

If you need more information, email Barbara Katz at

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