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No matter what concerns you have about Joe Biden or his age or any other personal factor, the alternative will be disastrous for democracy and our diverse nation.


A vote that you or your friends or family don’t cast – or cast for a third party – is a vote for Donald Trump.


The fact is that the American economy is in fantastic shape. We have the lowest unemployment rate since World War II. Inflation is way down, and rents have started to decline. The Fed has announced it will start cutting interest rates. The U.S. has had the strongest COVID recovery of any country in the G7 (advanced economies). And the GNP has grown 22% under Biden, compared with only 14% under Trump.


The stock market is up. That’s not just good news for rich people—more US households than ever (58%) own stocks, directly or through mutual funds. A higher stock market makes millions of US families wealthier. Also, new business formations are up, most notably among Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs.


This is the kind of positive economic news we should all be talking about. Make sure your family and friends know these facts. Make sure they are registered to vote by mail so nothing can come up on Election Day that would prevent any of us from voting.


Everything we value is at stake on November 5, 2024.  

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