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We all know by now how school board elections have become a new battleground in American politics – with formerly nonpartisan, low-spending races becoming increasingly polarized, and even garnering national attention. Certainly, this has happened in Sarasota.


What’s not often noted is that August elections have shockingly low turnout rates. In the last School Board election two years ago, only 21.8% of registered voters cast ballots. If the extremists get their people out to vote, you can see how results could be badly skewed.


On Tuesday, August 20, you have the opportunity – no, the obligation – to bring local public education back to sanity. Let’s defeat the extremists who would warp our schools, discriminate against students who don’t fit their ideas of “normal,” and deny local children the chance to learn to think critically and grow in healthy, accepting ways.


Every voter can vote for two (2) School Board candidates.


Vote for LIZ BARKER, and defeat extremist incumbent Karen Rose.

Learn more about Liz at

Email Liz at

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Vote for TOM EDWARDS, incumbent, running against Gregory Wood.

Learn more about Tom at

Email Tom at


Most importantly, register to vote by mail.


  • If you are a snowbird, this is your only way to vote in an election that’s critical to our students and educators – and to our society.

  • If you are a full-time resident, voting by mail is your best way to ensure that nothing prevents you from voting on Tuesday, August 20.

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