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Let's Vote Steube Out

Congress has just taken the country to the brink of a government shutdown. Fortunately, this did not happen because many Republicans voted with the Democrats, realizing that closing the government was senseless, costly, and harmful. (We will be at this dangerous cliff again in less than 45 days.)

Among Florida’s delegation of 28 representatives, 10 voted to shut down the government -- despite the economic fallout for millions of federal employees and military personnel who would not have gotten paid, and despite the many vital services that would have been closed.

Among those 10 was Greg Steube (17th District), representing Sarasota County -- which includes most of us on Longboat Key. His vote demonstrates a complete failure of understanding and caring about what is best for our country. We must vote him out of office!

What can you and I do?

* Join our county Democratic parties in their efforts to register more Democrats. Opportunities to phone bank, send postcards, and knock on doors are available:

In Sarasota County, click HERE.

In Manatee County, click HERE.

* Make sure you are registered to vote and to vote by mail.

In Sarasota County, click HERE.

In Manatee County, click HERE.


Lucie Lapovsky


Longboat Key Democratic Club

P.S. Upcoming elections are all-important! Let’s make government productive again and defeat right-wing extremism. Act!

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