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When the Law Allows Bad Ethics

Recently, we remembered the Holocaust with the usual pronouncements of sympathy and resolve not to repeat its horrors. What we don’t remember we repeat, yet our political leaders continue to disrespect people who are part of our communities but whose beliefs or physical traits differ. The laws that are being passed divide groups, impose partisan beliefs, and consolidate power.

And are the actions of our political leaders legal? Therein lies the alibi for unethical behavior that is accommodated by law. In 1935 the Nazi party enacted the Nuremburg Laws which, wrapped in the cover of law, allowed the perpetration of the Holocaust. Our Florida laws may allow changing the Board of Directors of colleges or requiring harassing reports from schools and colleges about diversity. Enacting punitive actions against businesses that challenge legislation may be legal. Is the intent of these actions ethical uses of law?

Diversity in our society cannot be reversed. It appears that the questionable use of laws is actually intended to coerce society into a puritanical belief system and marginalize select groups. When you use the cover of laws as a weapon to impose your biases, what are you?

Alan Sprintz

Board Member

Longboat Key Democratic Club

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