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Democratic Club News

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U.S. Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland


On Friday, November 13 at noon, the Longboat Key Democratic Club was honored to have U.S. Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland, one of the Senate's most distinguished members, discuss the implications and political ramifications of the 2020 presidential race and the Senate races which will determine the control of the United Sates Senate.   Senator Cardin was first elected to the Senate in 2006. He currently serves as ranking member of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee.  He is a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations and Environment & Public Works committees. Senator Cardin also serves on the Senate Finance Committee.  To view a video of our web meeting with Senator Cardin click HERE. 



On October 20 at 12:15 Katherine Norman, candidate for Fla. State Senate Dist. 23 and Andy Mele, candidate for Fla. House Dist. 71 joined us for a virtual Zoom meeting to bring us up-to-date on their campaigns.    

Following the candidates at 1:00 pm, Brendan Goff, Ph.D., Asst. Professor of History at New College of Florida, presented Election 2020: The Good the Bad and the Ugly.  That this past year has been challenging for us all would be an understatement. So why should the upcoming elections be any different? Though historians are generally trained to eschew predictions, Professor Goff believes history can shed some light on what to expect, what not to expect, and what we all can do as the final stage of this electoral season unfolds.  If nothing else, we are already experiencing every day and every hour—some good, some bad, and some ugly. And it is very likely that the challenges will not stop on November 4th. Buckle up and strap in, this roller coaster ride is just getting started.    

A Q/A session followed the candidate's and Professor Goff's presentations.   For more details and to watch the video of this Zoom meeting, click HERE.  



On October 6 at noon we held a web meeting with Margaret Good who give us the status of her campaign to defeat Vern Buchanan and become Florida’s 16th District Representative to Congress.   In addition, Alison Murano and Cramer Verde from the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris campaign brought us up-to-date on their Florida campaign.  There was plenty of time for questions and answers.  To read more details and view the video of the session, click HERE.





Like so many, we are mourning Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death.   Our hearts are heavy.  She was a towering figure and a great humanitarian.   Justice Ginsburg was the second woman appointed to the Supreme Court.  Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. said that "our nation has lost a jurist of historic stature."  Her legacy will be discussed at great length in the coming weeks and months.  In their tribute to Justice Ginsburg the Washington Post editors wrote that she "paved the way for women's equality before the law, and for women's rights to be taken seriously by the courts and by society."  Across the country Justice Ginsburg is being hailed as a steadfast champion of equality and justice.  Unfortunately, her death will likely usher in even more division in American politics.  It is likely that the Trump Administration will rush to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court before the next President is sworn into office in January.  We will have much more to say about this in the coming weeks.  Here is a link to Justice Ginsburg’s obituary in The NY Times. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/18/us/ruth-bader-ginsburg-dead.html



On September 22 Jimmy Kolker, former Assistant Secretary for Global Affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services joined us on a Zoom web meeting to  discuss Covid-19 and the Challenge for Global Health Cooperation.  Ambassador Kolker was on the front lines of the U.S. Government responses to AIDS, Ebola and Zika.  He provided us with a ‘health diplomat’s’ insider view of why we did not learn the lessons necessary to prepare for the coronavirus pandemic.  And he will describe how the Trump administration’s transactional and neglectful view of international cooperation has left the U.S. losing leverage around the world as the virus spreads and vaccines and treatment arrangements are developed.  His many messages about the way the Trump administration mishandled the Covid-19 pandemic were shocking.  For more details and to view the video of the session click HERE



Longboat Key/Sarasota November Candidates

Longboat Key/Manatee November Candidates

Click HERE to see a precinct 201/309 newsletter with a detailed overview of candidates' voting records and other valuable election information.


On Tuesday, September 8  Ron Turner, Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections (SOE) and two of our local political leaders, JoAnne DeVries, Chair of the Sarasota County Democratic Party and Tracy Pratt, Chair of the Manatee County Democratic Party discussed Voting As Though Your Way of Life Depended Upon it  In the Era of Covid-19.  There was a lively discussion with lots of questions from our meeting participants covering a wide range of issues related to voting in the upcoming election.  To  view a video of the web meeting click HERE.  



Charles RayOn August 11 two distinguished American military and diplomatic officers, retired Ambassadors Charles Ray and James McGee discussed The Use of Military for Civilian Law and Order.  This was an important webinar and we encourage you to read a summary and watch the video HERE.  




Margaret Good, who is running for Congress against seven term Republican Congressman Vern Buchanan in the 16th District, joined us on our July 28 webinar to discuss her platform and what she hopes to accomplish in Congress.  Also on our webinar were Andy Mele who is running for Representative House District 71 and JoAnne DeVries, Chair, Sarasota County Democratic Party.   Click HERE to watch the video of our July 28 webinar.





LBKDC Board member Robert Gary introduced Gerald Zaltman, the Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business Administration, emeritus, Harvard Business School and co-founder of Olson Zaltman, a marketing research and consulting firm. He was accompanied by his team of political marketing experts.  The topic was WHY THE DEMOCRATS NEED A COMPELLING STORY TO WIN IN 2020  Click HERE to view a video of our July 21 webinar.  Click HERE to read a summary of this webinar.



Watch the Video of the June 16 Local Candidates Webinar.  Our webinar featured local candidates David Graham and Thomas Edwards, candidates for the Sarasota County School Board, and Betsy Young, candidate for State Attorney.  You can view the webinar video HERE.  David Graham's website is HERE.  Thomas Edward's website is HERE and Betsy Young's website is HERE.  



Norma Schatz has released her September letter to Plymouth Harbor residents and others who care.  The nitty gritty on the November 3rd election -  Vote by Mail ballots are going to be sent out the week of September 21st. Note: They are not forwarded.  There’s much to be filled out - Biden-Harris, of course. And let’s send Margaret Good to Congress from Florida’s 16th District to replace Vern Buchanan.  Democrat candidates for the Florida legislature are Andy Mele for the state House District 71 and Katherine Norman for the state Senate District 23.  You can find out more about these fine candidates and donate if you want to at <andymeleforflhouse@gmail.com>, <katherinenorman202.com> and <margaretgood.com>.  
Click HERE to read the rest of Norma's letter including important dates and information on the Amendments to the Florida Constitution that will be on the local ballot. 


We Had a Large audience of attendees at our webinar on Tuesday, May 26 featuring Dale Anderson addressing the critical topic: VOTER SUPPRESSION AND THE DEGRADATION OF DEMOCRACYWe recorded the webinar.  You can view the video HERE.   

Go HERE to read a brief summary of Dale's presentation and download a copy of the slide presentation in .pdf format.



Robert_Gary.jpgRobert Gary, former Justice Department Prosecutor and LBKDC Board member, has written a forceful letter regarding the abuse of the rule of law in the Trump administration.  According to Robert, we have a President so disruptive that a walk on June, 1st from the White House to St John’s Church resulted in the  gassing of lawful peaceful protestors. A walk that prompted an apology from General Mark Milley, the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  for “creating the impression that the military is involved in domestic politics. A walk that prompted the potential resignation of Mark Esper, the Secretary of Defense.  A walk that prompted a damning letter signed by a thousand alumni of the Department of Justice calling for an investigation of the Attorney General for his role in using illegal force against American citizens.  Read Robert's full letter HERE.



 Here is the next three weeks calendar events for the Sarasota County Democratic Party.


A special congratulations to Longboat Key Democratic Club board member Barbara Katz for being elected as a Sarasota County Biden delegate!

Convention delegates were elected by online votes cast between Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 2:00 PM EDT and Saturday, May 16, 2020 at 2:00 PM EDT. Each delegate candidate is pledged to a Presidential candidate. Presidential candidates earned delegates proportional to the expressed preference of primary voters in Florida's March 17, 2020 Presidential Preference Primary.  

All of Florida's District-Level Delegates to the 2020 National Convention can be found HERE.





LBKDC Board member Bob Gary and Susan Taft of an important Ohio political family, which has produced a President of the United States, recently discussed our country's current chaos and the need to turn away from the Trump presidency and return to our basic values.  Susie Taft is a passionate Democratic.  

Susie says .... America is in (justifiable) chaos tonight while Trump is hiding out beneath his desk in the White House, the pandemic is killing thousands while tearing apart our economy, and Trump's record shows he has been remarkably facile at dismantling our democratic agencies and institutions in just 3+ years....Bob Responds.... “Susan your email resonated with me.  It reflects the concerns that so many Americans have regardless of party harbor. I know how passionately you wish to see our country return to the basic values of decency and honesty that have been trampled by president Trump.....”Read the full exchange between Bob and Susie HERE.


  SMH_Health_System_logo.jpgLongboat Key Democratic Club Board members held a very important and informative web meeting with leaders of the Sarasota Memorial Health Care System on Friday May 1st.  Sarasota Memorial staff answered our questions and shared up-to-date information on the Covid-19 virus, which we will provide to residents of Longboat Key, Sarasota and Manatee counties and surrounding communities.

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System CEO, David Verinder and physician specialists, Kirk Voelker, MD and Manuel Gordillo, MD, provided insights about the pandemic and discussed their experiences with us. You can read details and view the meeting video HERE.   A summary of our very informative interview with Sarasota Memorial Health Care System CEO, David Verinder can be found HERE.

Also, Dr. Manuel Gordillo answers many questions, including some of those asked by our Board members, regarding the Covid-19 virus in a recent article in the Sarasota Herald Tribune.  HERE is the link to that article. 


We were honored to award the 2020 Murray Blueglass Award to Judge Marvin Morse at our March 3rd luncheon.  The Longboat Key Democratic Club gives the Blueglass Award annually to outstanding Democrats who have served with us.  Marvin has been a genuine and distinguished lifetime Democrat. He has served with honor and distinction as a member and President of the Longboat Key Democratic Club.  Marvin retired from the Board in 2018.  We are proud and greatly appreciate his extraordinary participation and service to our Club. He has made a positive and significant difference. HERE, in his own words, is his story.








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